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 Shinigami Introduction.

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Uchiro Kamashi
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Uchiro Kamashi

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PostSubject: Shinigami Introduction.   Tue Jun 25, 2013 3:53 pm


So, you wish to role as Shinigami huh? Well just in case you're completely ignorant about the Manga and Anime that Shinigami originate from, I'll let you Google them in your own free time. My job, is to give you as much info as I can on how Shinigami go about their daily business in the RP of this site.

Now the first thing you should do is post in the Rukongai as this is where your Character will either be born or if they lived in the Human World before dying, they will be sent here. Depending on where you choose to position your Character in the Rukongai, will depend on what kind of life they had, as the lower numbered districts such as Districts 1-5 are rich and posh and have a lot of influence. Also it is in these districts that the Clans come from such as the famous Kuchiki Clan. However, if you choose a high numbered District such as 73 they will have a hard life fending for themselves in what is more or less a slum.

Once you reach 7,000 you are then able to enroll in the Shinigami Academy where you are taught in the four Shinigami arts:
A full list of the techniques are available though you may only learn 2 Kido per week and 2 other techniques per week.

You will remain in the Academy until 15,000 where you graduate and are able to pick a Squad in the Thirteen Court Guard Squads of your liking.

At 20,000 is where your first release "Shikai" is available for you to learn. Once you have picked your Squad you join them and do basic duties until you are able to be promoted. You can become the Vice Captain of your Squad, though this decision is down to the Captain of your Squad if the position is available, at 30,000. This will give you a lot more responsibilities within your Squad and if your prove yourself things can become even better.

Once you reach 60,000 you are more or less at the top of your game and your second release "Bankai" is available. At 70,000 , if the position is available the Captain Commander can appoint you the Captain of your Squad. Of course you still have a lot to learn and will spend the remainder of your career honing your skills and improving all the time.

If the life of a Shinigami become too tedious for you, at 40,000 you can take the test to become a Vaizard, offering a lot more abilities and a dangerous life. Be wary though, the test is difficult to pass and if you fail the consequences are severe.



The Vaizard (仮面の軍勢 (ヴァイザード), kamen no gunzei (vaizādo); Japanese for "Masked Army"; Viz: Vaizard) is a group of Shinigami that have acquired Hollow powers.

Imperfect Arrancar: Any Shinigami or Hollow that is not strong enough to pass the transformation to a Vaizard or Arrancar become a imperfect arrancar. This is a hollow with a low level of shinigami powers that only last a short duration of time.
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Shinigami Introduction.
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