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 Role Play Introduction.

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Role Play Introduction. Empty
PostSubject: Role Play Introduction.   Role Play Introduction. Icon_minitimeTue Jun 25, 2013 3:18 pm

First and foremost, welcome to the Bleach Burning World Role Play Section. If you hadn't already guessed my name is Fabled and I'll be your Moderator/Useful Assistant during your time reading this topic.

To begin with I'll give a quick lowdown on how to get started here at Bleach Burning Worlds, though I highly suggest you read the rest of what I have to say before you go off on a rampage.

Unless you have never seen a Bleach Anime, or read any of the Manga, or have just generally never heard of anything with Bleach itself, I'll tell you what Races we have to offer:

Creating a Character
With that out of the way we can move on, and hopefully by now you will have some understanding of which race you want your character to be. In order to begin Role Playing here on Bleach Burning Worlds, you must fill out an Application, with all of your characters details. After posting it a Moderator like myself will either approve it, meaning you are clear to begin posting as your character. Or we will tell you what needs to be altered before checking it once the changes have been made, and hopefully approving it then. 
Character Templates can be found here: http://bleachburningworlds.freeforums.org/character-templates-f30.html
Simply copy and paste the contents into a new topic here: http://bleachburningworlds.freeforums.org/character-applications-f105.html
Once you fill it out with the title as the name of your Character, be patient and a Mod will get round to looking at it hopefully very shortly after you posting it (as we want to get you into the action ASAP!)
If you are unsure of anything feel free to pm a member of staff who are glad to help with any queries you may have, or simply look at another persons Application to see how they did it (but please, no copying!)

The System and How it Works:
Alright, now you hopefully have your Character set up and ready to go, I'm going to explain the system and how it works. As you write you Characters story, doing whatever it is you feel like making them do, you will be increasing your characters strength! (That's right, if your Character has a cup of tea, or even goes to the toilet, your Character will be getting stronger!) This is because the sentences you do increase your Reiatsu level on the ranks. For Characters under 100,000 reiatsu, you can do 9,000 words, with a maximum Reiatsu gain of 6,000 each week. While Characters 100,000 Reiatsu and above can do 4,500 words for 3,000 Reiatsu each week.
How is this done?
Usually whenever you do a post, you count up the amount of sentences in that post and put the total at the bottom. At the end of each week. (Deadline is Saturday midnight EST) You post your grand total for that week in the Sentence Submission Thread found here: http://bleachburningworlds.freeforums.org/post-submissions-f61.html Please remember to include: Your Characters name, a link to where your posts are, the amount of sentences per link, and a grand total at the bottom. Usually on a Sunday the ranks will be updated, and all of the topics in the SC submission thread will be deleted. When this happens, check the ranks page to find your new Characters Reiatsu under the race you picked at the start.

What makes Bleach Burning Worlds unique to other Bleach RP sites?
We here at BBW are proud to say we don't have a stat system, which means no fussing with numbers, no prolonged hours working %'s from your Reiatsu level. This means that you only have one number to bear in mind when doing things throughout your RP career. Of course, there will be those who might try and God Mod their opponents, but we Moderators will be quick to correct, or punish where need be, those who attempt such things. This system allows you to use your full imagination, without ties preventing you doing what you want your character to do, SO ENJOY IT!

Please make sure to read through the other pages in the Rules and Ranks section for other important information. If you have any queries about anything related to the Role Play, feel free to PM myself or another member of staff, good luck!
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Role Play Introduction.
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