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 Shinigami things?

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Kenta Nejigama

Kenta Nejigama

PostSubject: Shinigami things?   Thu Jan 28, 2016 1:40 pm

[size=39]Kido Types
Bakudō (Way of Binding)
-Supplementary spells which can immobilize an enemy or have an effect besides a direct strike. They may seem subtle, but these spells can give their users a tactical advantage when used properly. These are a broad category of defensive spells which block/repel attacks or freezes enemies in place. This class of spells include Kidō Barriers & Seals.
Barriers (Kekkai)
-Focused spiritual energy formed into a solid form of energy. This energy can take on many shapes or colors as determined by the user. Barriers are protective in nature, and can be as simple as a barrier only protecting one direction or encompassing all sides of an area. Barriers can be used for containment, and some barriers can be used offensively. Barriers can mask spiritual pressure and can make one spiritually and physically invisible. The strength of a barrier is dependent upon the power of the user. Weak barriers are easily breakable, while strong ones can last for centuries. Barriers created by noble blood are said to be unbreakable by those of lesser status. Certain barriers can be placed beforehand and activated later, while others require certain artifacts and time to activate.
Seals (Fū)
-Somewhat similar to barriers, but far more powerful and require far more preparation to create. Seals can only be used by those of sufficient spiritual power being who are meant to hold the most powerful and/or dangerous artifacts or beings. Seals are usually hard to break.
Hadō (Way of Destruction)
-Offensive spells which inflict direct damage to the enemy. Their effectiveness differs depending on the user. It is said the effectiveness of the higher-ranked spells are beyond imagination.
Gisei Hadō (Sacrificial Way of Destruction)
-A particular offensive spell that requires the user to sacrifice a certain portion of themselves as the cost of using it. Ittō Kasō is one of them.
Kaidō (Turn Way)/ Healing Kido (Chiryōyō Kidō)
-These spells do not have known names, numbers, or incantations to cast, and simply heal the target. As the user holds his/her hands above the patient's wounds, his/her palms glow with green spiritual energy to facilitate healing. When one heals with regular healing kidō, they perform Reiatsu restoration first. By doing so, one can attempt to recover the physical body using the patient's restored reiatsu and the healer's external reiatsu. Therefore, restoring the reiatsu when the physical body is in a fully healed state is no trouble at all.[/size]
[size=39]Kido Casting Styles
Incantation Abandonment (Eishōhaki)
-A class of Kidō Incantation where the Kidō practitioner forgoes using a spoken incantation at all. While it decreases the time needed to release the Kidō, it drastically weakens the spell. While anyone well versed in Kidō can use this technique, it is most effective when done by a skilled practitioner, otherwise the spell could utterly fail (i.e.: the spell explodes in the user's face). The most skilled experts are capable of using this technique to amazing effect.
Two-Fold Incantation (Nijū Eishō)
-A class of Kidō Incantation where the Kidō practitioner mixes the incantations of two entirely separate Kidō spells together to save time and confuse ones' opponent at the same time.
Spoken-After Incantation (Kōjutsu Eishō)
-A class of Kidō Incantation where the incantation is recited after initiating the spell in order to power it up. So far, only Hachigen Ushōda has been seen using this technique, in order to reinforce the nature of his Ryūbi no Jōmon during his fight against Baraggan Louisenbairn.[/size]

[size=39]Shinigami Kidou - Hadou:
Hadou 1: Thrust (Shō)
-Pushes the target away from the caster.
Hadou 4: White/Pale Lightning (Byakurai)
-Fires a bolt of white lightning from the fingertip.
Modified Hadou 4: Heavy-Strike Pale Lightning (Jūgeki Byakurai)
-A modified version of Hado #4 - Byakurai. Red in color.
Hadou 11: Bound Lightning (Tsuzuri Raiden)
-Electric current flows through any object the user touches and is able to lead electricity, damaging any target that is in contact with the object the current runs through.
Hadou 12: Ambush Flare/Lain Fire (Fushibi)
-Momo Hinamori uses this spell in conjunction with Shot of Red Fire and a Kidō net that has entangled her opponents resulting in a large explosion around them all. Rangiku Matsumoto states that it is number 12, but does not specify whether it is a Destructive or a Binding Spell although from the name and effect, it is highly likely to be a Destructive spell.
Hadou 31: Red Flame Cannon/Shot of Red Fire (Shakkahō)
-Fires a ball of red energy at a target.
Chant: "O Lord, Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter wings, you who bears the name of Man, Inferno and Pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, March on to the south!"
Hadou 32: Yellow Fire Flash (Ōkasen)
- Fires a wide arc of yellow energy at a target.
Hadou 33: Blue Fire, Crash Down! (Sōkatsui)
-Fires a wave of blue flames from one hand.
Chant: "O Lord, mask of flesh and bone, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of man, truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws!"
Hadou 48: Raging Light Fang (Gaki Rekkō)
-A spell that makes a circle of energy, before firing blasts of green light from its center in a cage-like formation.
Hadou 54: Abolishing Flames (Haien)
-Fires a blast of purple spiritual energy that will incinerate a target of low strength completely when it makes contact.
Hadou 58: Orchid Sky (Tenran)
-A widening tornado-like blast is fired towards the target.
Hadou 63: Thunder Roar Cannon (Raikouhou)
-Gathers yellow lightning at fingertips, then fires off as a bolt to pierce the target.
Chant: "Scattered beast bones! Spire, Crimson Crystal, Steel Wheels! The wind if it moves, the sky if it stops, the tone of the spear striking fills the lone castle!"
Hadou 73: Twin Lotus of Crashing Blue Fire/Twin Lotus Blue Fire, Crash Down (Sōren Sōkatsui)
-Essentially a doubled version of #33, this spell fires two shots of blue fire with greater potency than the single-shot variety.
Hadou 88: Flying Dragon-Striking Heaven-Shaking Thunder Cannon (Hiryu Gekizoku Shinten Raiho)
- Fires a gigantic blast of spiritual energy resulting in an truly enormous explosion.
Hadou 90: Black Coffin (Kurohitsugi)
-Forms a box of black energy around a target, which is then pierced by dozens of energy "spears", lacerating the one inside from head to toe.
Chant: "The crest of turbidity, seeping out. An insolent vessel of madness. Boiling up, denying, numbness, blinking, obstructing slumber. The steel princess who creeps. The mud doll, ever disintegrating. Unite! Oppose! Filling the earth, know your own impotence!"
Hadou 91: Thousand-Hand Bright Heaven Culling-Spear (Senjū Kōten Taihō)
- Summons several spears of light that are all fired towards the same focal point where the intended target resides. The culminating explosion is exceedingly devastating.
Chant: "Limit of the thousands hands, respectful hands, unable to touch the darkness. Shooting hands unable to reflect the blue sky. The road that basks in light, the wind that ignited the embers, time that gathers when both are together, there is no need to be hesitant, obey my orders. Light bullets, eight bodies, nine items, book of heaven, diseased treasure, great wheel, grey fortress tower. Aim far away, scatter brightly and cleanly when fired."
Hadou 96: Single Blade Cremation (Ittō Kasō)
- It is a spell that causes a huge pillar of fire to erupt from the ground in the shape of a katana's tip. It is implied to be a forbidden technique that can only be activated by using one's own body as a catalyst. Aizen calls it the spell of sacrifice.[/size]

[size=39]Shinigami Kidou - Bakudou:
Bakudou 1: Restrain (Sai)
-Locks a target's arms in place behind their back.
Bakudou 4: Crawling Rope (Hainawa)
-An energy rope entangles a target's arms.
Bakudou 8: Repulse (Seki)
-Creates a small shield on the forearm that briefly paralyzes and repels whatever hits it.
Bakudou 9: Strike (Geki)
-Engulfs a target in red light, completely paralyzing them.
Chant: "Disintegrate, black dog of Rondaniini, Look upon your burning soul and sever your throat!"
Bakudou 9: Disintegrating Circle (Hōrin) 
-Causes an orange hued tendril with spiraling yellow patterns to erupt from the users hand and attempts to trap a target. The end of it remains in the hands of the user allowing them to control the path of the tendril before and after capture. The kidou is able to connect with another one of itself if both have captured a target and bind them together.
Chant: "Disintegrate, black dog of Rondaniini, Look upon yourself and tear out your own throat!"
Bakudou 21: Red Smoke Escape (Sekienton)
-Creates a blast upon activation and is used like a ninja's smoke bomb.
Bakudou 26: Curving Light (Kyakko)
-Conceals the user's spirit energy or other kidou using spiritual energy, presumably by bending light.
Bakudou 30: Beak-Piercing Triple Beam (Shtotsu Sansen)
-Shoots three beams of light that pin the target to one place on a surface, slamming into his/her body in three places in a shape of a perfect triangle.
Bakudou 37: Suspending Star (Tsuriboshi)
-Creates a star-shaped cushion of Spiritual Energy, which anchors it to nearby objects with "ropes" of spirit particles. It can stop falling objects, acting like a safety net.
Bakudou 39: Arc Shield (Enkosen)
-Summons a shield of condensed Reiatsu to block opponents' attacks.
Bakudou 44: Barrier (Sekisho)
-Creates a fast-forming wall against fairly strong attacks.
Bakudou 58: Grasp of the Chasing Sparrow (Kakushi Tsuijyaku)
-Tracks and locates any spiritual force the user focuses on. To activate it, the user must draw a circle on the ground, cut into four parts with a specific character in each. The incantation animates the circle, causing various numbers to appear within until the specific set is found. The number set seems to be a variation on longitude and latitude
Chant: "Heart of the South, Eye of the North, Fingertip of the West, Heel of the East, Carry the Wind and Gather, Banish the Rain and Disband!"
Bakudou 61: Six Rods of Light Prison (Rikujōkōrō)
-Summons six thin, but wide, beams of light that slam into a target's midsection, holding them in place.
Chant: "You who is crowned with the name of Man, wearing a Mask of blood and flesh, flying on ten thousand fluttering wings, with Thunder's carriage and an empty Spinning Wheel, break the Light into six pieces, carve a twin Lotus on a wall of Pale Blue Flames, and await the Blazing Fires to reach the Distant Heavens!"
Bakudou 62: Hundred Steps Fence (Hyappo Rankan)
-A rod formed of energy is thrown towards the target before it disintegrates into numerous short rods which are used to pin the target to the surroundings and render them immobile.
Bakudou 63: Winding Binding Chains (Sajo Sabaku)
-Sends ropes of light from the user's fingers to wrap around the arms and torso of the target to restrain it by binding its arms to the torso.
Bakudou 73: Inverse Mountain Crystal (Tozanshō)
-Creates a pyramid-shaped barrier around the caster.
Bakudou 75: Quintet of Iron Pillars (Gochu Tekkan)
-Summons five incredibly tall and thick pillars which are connected to each other by chains to pin a target to the ground.
Chant: "Wall of iron sand, Tower formed from hate, forge molten iron and neatly finish in silence!"
Bakudou 77: Soaring Net of the Heavens (Tentei Kuura)
-Transmits messages mentally to anyone within an area of the caster's choosing. In addition to reciting the spell, the user must draw specific markings on their arms, which are animated by the spell to convey the messages. The messages can be spoken either by the caster or by another within the vicinity of the caster.
Chant: "Black and white net! Twenty two bridges, sixty six crown strings, footprints, distant thunders, mountain peaks, valleys, night shadows, cloud sea, cyan line! Fill up the circle and zoom to the edges of the sky!"
Bakudou 78: Hexagonal Barrier/Million Shield (Millon Escudo) 
-This spell creates a powerful proximity-activation barrier which can be placed upon any part of the body. It activates when an attack reaches the point where it is cast. When the attack hits the barrier, a hexagonal shape appears which can stand up to extremely powerful attacks.
Chant: "Black and white net. Twenty-two bridges, sixty-six crowns and belts. Footprints, distant thunder, sharp peak, engulfing land, hidden in the night, sea of clouds, blue line. Form a circle and fly though the heavens."
Bakudou 79: Nine Sunlight Traps (Kuyō Shibari) 
- Creates eight black holes that emit spiritual energy in the personal space surrounding the target, with a ninth black hole manifesting in the center of the target's chest.
Bakudou 81: Splitting Void (Danku)
- Creates an energy barrier in the form of a rectangular wall. According to Byakuya, it is capable of stopping destructive spells up to #89. This is seen also when Aizen uses it to block Tessai's hado #88.
Bakudou 99, Part One: Restrain (Kin)
-Wraps black cloth around the target and places gray slabs spaced along the cloth, can be wrapped around any part of the target.
Bakudou 99, Part Two: Ultimate Supression (Bankin)
-First Song, Constriction (Shiyuu) – Wraps foe in cloth.
-Second Song, Hundred Bolts (Hyakurensan) – Pierces foe with iron bolts.
-Final Song, Ultimate Seal (Bankin Taihou) – Drops a gigantic stone block on foe.[/size]

[size=39]Numberless/Non-Kidou Spells:
Soul Burial (Konsō)
-Presses the base of a Zanpakto hilt against the forehead of a soul to send it to the Soul Society.
Reverse Demon/Nullify (Hanki)
-User emits an amount of energy equal to the opponent's art to cancel it out.
White Crawl/Prostration (Hakufuku)
-Causes a target to lose consciousness.
Mirror Door/Gate (Kyoumon)
-A high class barrier that reflects attacks from the outside. However, it is easy to break from the inside.
Opening Revival (Keikatsu)
-A healing technique that several characters (even those outside of 4th Division) can use in Bleach: The 3rd Phantom DS game.
Purple Tree (Shimoku)
-Also used in Bleach: The 3rd Phantom, this ability causes the opponent to become poisoned.
Luminous Healing (Meiyu)
-Used in Bleach: The 3rd Phantom, it is a healing technique that heals up to five individuals within a small area.
Kidō Cannon (Kidōhō)
As the name suggests, the Kidō Cannon is basically a high-intensity energy weapon powered by Kidō. It consists of a crystalline focus point attached to the top of a massive pole, with several smaller crystal structures circling up towards the main one. It is powered by hundreds of Shinigami working in concert, creating an energy blast capable of obliterating a small dimension. The blast forms into several animal shapes which roar just before contact. The power of the blast is such that, in addition to destroying its target, it also causes a small amount of damage to both the human world and Soul Society. Despite its power, it is not a reusable weapon, as it burns into a pile of scrap after being fired
8 Joined Twin Cliffs (Hachigyou Sougai)
-A barrier developed by the Vizard Hachigen Ushōda. The barrier is a double dislocation barrier, which has the ability of erasing whatever is within it from existence and removing the space it takes up from an outsider's inner consciousness, making it so that one is not even able to perceive it is there. The very thought of getting close to it doesn't even occur to those outside it. It is so powerful and unique in composition that it cannot be undone by Shinigami Kidō.
The Gate of Dragon Tail (Ryubi no Jomon)
-Hachigen Ushōda used this barrier technique to block Barragan Luisenbarn's aging ability. The technique works by creating over a dozen pillars which are arranged by hand gestures, making them form a gigantic shield or door like barrier between the caster and the opponent.[51] Together with Koko no Jomon, Kigai no Jomon and Hoyoku no Jomon, it forms Shiji no Saimon.
Chant: "Brethren-in-arms withdrawing for the distance of 8 sun and standing still; blue bolt, white bolt, black bolt, red bolt; sinking into the ocean together seeking redemption."
The Gate of Tiger Fang (Koko no Jomon)
-This technique is another one of Hachigen Ushōda new Kidō barrier techniques developed after he became a Vizard. This barrier appears out of nowhere and takes the shape of a watermill. It's inner section can be opened up like a set of fangs allowing one to attack through the barrier. Together with Ryubi no Jomon, Kikai no Jomon and Hoyoku no Jomon, it forms Shiji no Saimon.
The Gate of Turtle Shell (Kikai no Jomon)
-This technique is another one of Hachigen Ushōda new Kidō barrier techniques developed after he became a Vizard. This barrier is created by many small hexagons combining to form a honeycomb-like structure. Together with Ryubi no Jomon, Koko no Jomon and Hoyoku no Jomon, it forms Shiji no Saimon.
The Gate of Phoenix Wings (Hoyoku no Jomon)
-This technique is another one of Hachigen Ushōda new Kidō barrier techniques developed after he became a Vizard. This barrier appears out of nowhere and takes the form of a large lampshade. Together with Ryubi no Jomon, Koko no Jomon and Kikai no Jomon, it forms Shiji no Saimon.
The Gate of Four Beasts (Shiji no Jomon)
-This technique is another one of Hachigen Ushōda new Kidō barrier techniques developed after he became a Vizard. This barrier is formed by combining Ryubi no Jomon, Koko no Jomon, Kikai no Jomon and Hoyoku no Jomon. When the four barriers comes together they create a rectangular prison like barrier around the opponent.
Hexagon Seal Array (Roppō Fūjin)
-This technique is another one of Hachigen Ushōda new Kidō barrier techniques developed after he became a Vizard. Hachi can create a cage that ensnares the opponent and seal them.
Standing Ovation (Sutandingu Obēshon)
-This technique is a unique Kidō barrier technique by Hachigen Ushōda. Hachi can create barriers around various opponents and then use those barriers to severe the opponent into parts.
Five Support Cover (Goyōgai)
-This technique creates a pentagonal barrier that is used for stabilization of whatever is inside it.
Farewell Box (Hako Okuri)
-This technique creates a barrier around a object that can then be transported wherever the caster wishes.
Green Paper Teleport
-This technique was used by Shūsuke Amagai. By throwing special sheets of paper into the area, Amagai can form a green orb of bright light around himself, teleporting himself and anyone he touches to any desired location. While teleporting, the said people's Reiatsu is completely masked.
Pyramid Seal Barrier
-This technique was used by Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto. It forms a green pyramid-shaped barrier around a the caster. It is immensely strong, able to resist all but the strongest of attacks.
Quad Burial Barrier (Shisō Kekkai)
-This technique was used by Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, and is the seal used to lock away Kōga Kuchiki. Four spears are used to trap the target by their hands and legs. The target rises up into sky and is then sealed in a black coffin-like box with chains wrapping around it. The four spears then pierce the box all at once.
Quad Burial Barrier Release
-The chant used to break the Quad Burial Barrier seal.
Chant: "Gather round the supreme being with thy cleansing black souls, offering blood, a pact, and an alter. Fly hence from the blackened heavens, my beloved ebon sacrifice. Offer the holy chalice to the evil spirit residing behind the seal, lifting the six locks that have been passed down since antiquity. Now open, coffin once lost!"
Inner World Barrier
-This technique was used by Ginrei Kuchiki. While it has not been explained, it forms a green barrier around one's person, that causes Muramasa's attacks to pass through the user. Ginrei explains that one must shut off one's heart to prevent Muramasa from entering their inner world.
Adamantine Blast (Kongōbaku)
-A blast of spherical, red energy similar in strength to a Sōkatsui blast. While both number and classification of this particular spell is not expressly stated, it is clearly a Destructive spell.
Glacier Vapor Storm (Hyōga Seiran)
-A spell that fires a massive wave of ice capable of freezing its targets and surrounding area as well as destroying a group of Menos Grande through sheer power. While both number and classification of this particular spell is not expressly stated, it is clearly a Destructive spell.
Flashcry (Shunkō) 
-An advanced technique that combines hand-to-hand combat and Kidō energy to explosively increase a Shinigami's offensive capabilities. A high-pressured Kidō surges throughout the user's body, enhancing their arms and legs for battle. The Kidō itself can also be controlled and fired at opponents from the body. The keisen uniform has no back or sleeves because the fabric will rip apart when the user's back and arms are filled with Kidō.
Curtain Stripping (Noren Mekuri)
-A spell capable of stripping away illusionary effects.
Time-Out Drop (Tanma Otoshi)
-Spell that makes someone fall unconscious for a period of time.
Forced Slumber (Inemuri)
-Spell that forces someone to fall asleep.
World-Tying Rite (Keikaigi)
-Spell used by Soul Reapers to open a Garganta.
Chant: "My right hand is the stone that bridges worlds. My left hand is the blade that binds reality. The black-haired shepherd is hung from a chair. Stratus clouds come, and I strike down the ibis."
Super Portal (Choukaimon)
-An advanced version of the Senkaimon used by Soul Reapers, this version is only used by the Zero Division. In order to return through the same portal, the one being transported must be transported back at the same time as on the day that they entered the portal. (if they entered the portal at noon one day, if they wish to return to the same spot, they have to go back at noon another day).
Ninety-Six Capitol Fire-Suspended Seal Destruction (Kyūjūrokkei Kakafūmetsu)
-This technique was used by Kisuke Urahara when he discovered Aizen had fused with the Hōgyoku, and could not be killed. It activates on its own when the target is weakened, piercing them from the inside out with several sword-shaped beams of light, which then merge into a single, vaguely star-shaped barrier, with the target sealed inside.
Numbing Finger (Shibireyubi)
-A binding spell that causes complete physical paralysis in a victim.
Thousand-Coil White Snake (Sentan Hakuja)
-A spell that teleports a group of people from one place to another.
Hell Kido (Jigoku no kidō)
-When activated, a bright blue charm appears in the shape of two concentric diamonds. The insignia snakes down the caster's arms with a golden hue and then creates an impact on the intended target of the spell. This envelops them within a blue hue, causing the target to forcibly eject itself from Hell. This process would normally be impossible without breaking the Gates of Hell.
Hakudan Keppeki (White Severing Boundary Wall)
-The practitioner creates a protective wall which can completely prevent the entry of any Quincy power for a limited period of time. It was created with traces of Quincy Reiatsu.[/size]
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Kenta Nejigama

Kenta Nejigama

PostSubject: Re: Shinigami things?   Thu Jan 28, 2016 2:01 pm

Shinigami Arts - Movement/Evasion-based:
Flash Step (Shunpo)
-Lets the user cover a vast distance in a split second with a single step. Yoruichi is known for mastering this techinque perfectly. Causes a slight 'swish' sound when used.
Agility/Fast Movement (Hohō)
-Essentially a part of Flash Step, it allows the Shinigami to walk on air or arrest their falls by collecting spirit particles under their feet. Most Shinigami can use this ability.
Flash Blossom (Senka)
-A special Shunpo technique where one moves to their opponents back. Directly attacking and sealing one's Soul Chain (Saketsu) and Soul Seal (Hakusui) in one strike. The movement is so fast that an opponent may not be able to tell whether he was attacked from the front or the back and even an outside observer may find it impossible to tell what the movements are.
Way of Onmitsu, 3rd of the Shihō - Cicada (Onmitsu Shunpo Shihō no San - Utsusemi)
-Allows for a movement at great speed leaving an afterimage behind. The afterimage may even appear to have taken damage.

Shinigami Arts - Attack-based:
Hand-to-Hand Combat (Hakuda)
-Not used by many Shinigami save for the Onmitsukidō (Special Forces) troops, including Soifon, who has great mastery of it.
Single Bone (Ikkotsu)
-A powerful punch used by Yamamoto against Wonderweiss. Using this technique, Yamamoto was able to destroy much of Wonderweiss' abdomen and sending him flying along a city street and into a building, destroying it
Double Bone (Sōkotsu)
-Stronger than Ikkotsu, it is a powerful two-fisted punch used by Yamamoto against Wonderweiss. The attack in one blow can totally destroy an opponent.
Oni Headpoke (Oni Dekopin)
-A technique where a simple finger flick has enough physical force to send an opponent flying a considerable distance away, even with enough power to crash through multiple physical constructs.
Thunder King Fist (Raiōken)
-A hakuda technique involving a serial of rapid punches. Using this technique, Yoruchi was able to severely crack Aizen's first form and destroyed a portion of Karakura Town in the process.
Gatling Mad-Stomping (Gatoringu Jidanda)
-A technique that has Hiyori do multiple foot stomps on Ichigo's face. The technique is powerful enough to send Ichigo flying and completely shatter his hollow mask.
Sangbag Beat (Sandobaggu Bīto)
-A technique where Kensei delivers multiple strikes at an extremely fast past causing aggravated damage to a target. The technique is powerful enough to not only shatter a Menos Grande's mask but utterly destroy its body.
Panty-Flash Tornado (Panchira Torunēdo)
-A technique where Lisa does a upside rotating straddle split, similar to a tornado, this has the effect of delivering a multiple kick attack at opponent that is near her.
Windmill (Kazaguruma)
-A technique where one throws their body up into the air, making a shearing movement with the legs to get one leg in front of the other without holding on to the ground. The move can either be done backwards or sideways. When the move is done with one leg high over the head to deliver a devastating kick to an opponent sending them flying away with tremendous force.
Super Stubble Headbutt (Chōhigezutsuki)
-A technique where a head butt attack is used with such force that it sends an opponent flying backward a considerable distance.
Waterfall Carp (Takigoi)
-A hakuda technique where one blocks the kicks of another opponent by trapping the opponents one foot against the forearm and blocking the other foot with the combatants foot. The move blocks and traps the opponent who is then open to a an attack from the combatants free hand.
Bamboo Dragonfly (Taketonbo)
-A hakuda technique involving an axe kick while in mid-air.
Iron Palm (Tesshō)
-A open palm strike that can effortlessly shatter a hollow's head to pieces with single strike.
Thrust Fingers (Tsukiyubi)
-A technique where simply extending the index and middle fingers of one hand in unison, while they are in contact with an opponent, possesses enough physical force to effortlessly send someone of even Chad's stature, flying several meters away.

Swordsmanship/Cutting Technique/Art of the Sword (Zanjutsu)
-Most common form of combat used by Shinigami.
Number One: Clean Sweep (Nadegiri)
-This basic technique allows for a precision cut of extreme force and speed, it can casually slice through large, multi-story high opponents protected by steel skin. The opponent can be killed with one swift slash so precise, that they aren't even aware of until after it has taken place.
Chin/Jaw Splitting (Agitowari)
-A sword technique where a single sword attack cuts an opponent in half from the jaw down the length of the body until the target is bi-sectioned.
Watermelon Splitting (Suikawari)
-A technique where Hiyori comes down with her sword upon the head of a hollow with enough force to cleanly cut down through the head and mask with ease.
Thousand-Page Wholesale (Senmaioroshi)
-A technique where multiple blade movements take place so fast that they can literally shred a target into pieces.
Way of the Sword (Kendō)
-A modern Japanese martial art of sword-fighting based on traditional samurai swordsmanship.
Bisection (Ryōdan)
-A two-handed sword technique that has the practitioner bring the sword down with enough force that it can cut an opponent in half right down the middle.
Cheek Stroke (Hōzuri)
-A simple light slash technique that is meant only to light graze and cause superficial wounds.

Forbidden Spells
Temporal Stasis (Jikanteishi)
-A forbidden spell used by Tessai along with Spatial Displacement. It is a spell that halts time in a specific area.
Spatial Displacement (Kūkanten'i)
-A forbidden spell used by Tessai with Temporal Stasis to teleport a specified portion of space from one point to another, transporting even other active Kidō spells

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Kenta Nejigama

Kenta Nejigama

PostSubject: Re: Shinigami things?   Thu Jan 28, 2016 2:17 pm

Maybe you guys can include some of these did you miss any?

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Kenta Nejigama

Kenta Nejigama

PostSubject: Re: Shinigami things?   Thu Jan 28, 2016 2:19 pm

Maybe even let us create our own kido like how kiskue made his own.

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Admin & Twitter n Tumblr Moderator

PostSubject: Re: Shinigami things?   Thu Jan 28, 2016 4:00 pm

No Creation Of your Own Kido unless you are Squad 12, Even then it is highly monitored and has to be approved through an application process.

Kido Known:
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Kenta Nejigama

Kenta Nejigama

PostSubject: Re: Shinigami things?   Thu Jan 28, 2016 4:05 pm

Well your strict tone is intimidating , *throws cake in face* sit back and chill , :3 so what about you guys putting more kido?

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PostSubject: Re: Shinigami things?   Thu Jan 28, 2016 4:07 pm

I am one of the Owners of the site lol My tone has to be that way!

And Uchiro is working on the kido as well and will be adding the updated kido.

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Kenta Nejigama

Kenta Nejigama

PostSubject: Re: Shinigami things?   Thu Jan 28, 2016 4:15 pm

Psh just wait I'm gonna tear down that image of strictnes or erase it from my veiw


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PostSubject: Re: Shinigami things?   Thu Jan 28, 2016 4:18 pm

Lmfao!!! You made my day!!!

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Kenta Nejigama

Kenta Nejigama

PostSubject: Re: Shinigami things?   Thu Jan 28, 2016 6:13 pm

See we're freinds already

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Kenta Nejigama

Kenta Nejigama

PostSubject: Re: Shinigami things?   Mon Mar 28, 2016 11:55 pm

So no one has updated the kido (._.) What shame...........

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Kenta Nejigama

Kenta Nejigama

PostSubject: Re: Shinigami things?   Tue Mar 29, 2016 12:17 am

Hanki (反鬼, Reverse Demon)


This a Kidō-cancelling technique.A fighting technique that combats an opponent's Kidō by hitting it with a Kidō of the same quality and quantity spinning in the opposite direction.The ability can even neutralize an opponent's movements for a set amount of time

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PostSubject: Re: Shinigami things?   Tue Mar 29, 2016 11:00 am

At this point I am still in the process of just balancing the races and making sure all of the information there is correct and reflected across all topics. Right now the chances of more content being added for Shini is fairly close to 0 since they still by far have the most in terms of techniques.

However a great deal of the things you have listed and more have been in the process for consideration for future addition into the RP once everything has been completely settled. For now though things will stay as they are.

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PostSubject: Re: Shinigami things?   Tue Mar 29, 2016 10:50 pm

Honestly Hanki isn't a real skill by itself I don't think. I mean, anyone with sufficient knowledge can preform that action. It's more about the fact of, Do you know the energy needed to do it. So I figure a person's Rei who's stronger should be able to do that with ease.
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PostSubject: Re: Shinigami things?   

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Shinigami things?
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