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 Sabitsura (錆面, Rusted Face) East Rukongai

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Haley Kumasa

Haley Kumasa

Sabitsura (錆面, Rusted Face) East Rukongai Empty
PostSubject: Sabitsura (錆面, Rusted Face) East Rukongai   Sabitsura (錆面, Rusted Face) East Rukongai Icon_minitimeMon Apr 11, 2016 1:15 am

Ooc: Ok so this is going to be my new Character shell be made in this thread a full back story know I'd appreciate it if one or more of you decided to partake in this thread it will give us room to make ties to one another for interesting rp and possible future battles this is my second chance and a new glorious begging I hope we can rp together soon wuv you all <3 Smile

(Contact me through PM)

Sabitsura (錆面, Rusted Face) East Rukongai Untitled_drawing_by_leader_akatsuki-d9pwsap
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Sabitsura (錆面, Rusted Face) East Rukongai
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