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 Dream Time

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PostSubject: Dream Time   Dream Time Icon_minitimeSat Apr 02, 2016 6:08 am

"Wake up- Wake up... Wake up you lazy idiot." An ambiguous voice cried out. "Wha-what?" Aria's own voice crawled out. Her eyes slowly opened to reveal a tree above her- It's shade cooling and provided her shelter from the harsh sun. Blinking a few times her gaze a bit blank. Around her only a few feet away from where her own feet lay was a desert that sprawled as far as the eye could see. Looking behind her it was the same story as the front- All besides this patch of grass and a single tree. She climbed to her feet and stumbled a bit doing so. Her body felt weak and tired, but she was still able to move. It was her she realized that she had no idea where she was or whom for that matter. She wracked her brain in an attempt to gain some answers, but alas, it was to no avail.

She had no memories and no idea as to anything. "Wait... I heard a voice when I was waking." She said out loud to herself in realization; but where did it come from? "H-hello-?" she said out loud and a moment passed. "Ahaha, it must of been in my head. This doesn't exactly look like a habitable area or rather I should say that no one would be here willingly." She nodded her head in agreement of her own words, but that's when it happened- The voice spoke again. "Ah, you're awake good for you. I'll also mention you're dying sorry to say. Or maybe not. Do you even remember who you are?" The voice said nonchalantly despite it's grievous words. "Dying? HA! Yeah, right! If that where true I-" Her thoughts interrupted by a sharp pain in her chest. She looked down slowly to see a hilt sticking out from her. "W-what...?" When did that get there? It's not real is it?? It was of course it was and she confirmed it as she reached up touching near hilt to skin. She felt a warm dampness and pulling her hand away it revealed a dark crimson on her fingers-Blood and not just anyone's blood. It was hers. "Cough- Cough." She bent over in pain as blood flew from her mouth. She was bleeding, stating the obvious. Of course she would be bleeding internally. The blade of what seemed to be a dagger bit deep into her. How did she not notice this earlier? As if it read her mind the voice spoke. "I see... You don't remember do you? That's probably for the best. At least for now anyways." The voice chuckled. She realized the voice seemed to come from her and not just her, but the very thing that was buried deep and causing extreme agony. She reached out to the tree and placed her forearm on it for support. She felt weaker than she did earlier.

"Am I really dying? I don't even know my name..." She asked in a defeated tone. "As a gift I'll tell you the name you so desire to know. Your name is Aria, but I'll hold onto your last name until you can remember." It chuckled again. The dagger seemed... Condescending despite it being an inanimate object that was currently killing her. Couldn't of been a bit kinder to someone who was knocking on Death's door? "You're not dead yet moron. I said you were dying, not dead." Wow, not only condescending, but insulting. "Pull me from your chest and take a spin on the wheel of fate." It said so happily. Because you know, pulling a dagger that has been plunged into you to the hilt is just so easy to do. However she had no choice and with a sigh she reached up with her free hand and grasped the hilt. As she did it began to glow. "Oh, it feels so tingly." The dagger said mockingly. She ignored it's comments. "Well, here goes nothing..." With that she sighed with a raspy breath and pulled with all her remaining might. It crawled out so very slowly and each inch was agonizing pain. She screamed at first at the shock and tried to hold it in until the full eight inches of blade left her body. "That was fun. Let's do it again!" The dagger was beginning to hurt her in more way and this time it was more of the headache variety, but disregarding that she was losing consciousness. With that in mind she collapsed onto the ground; slipping into darkness. "Oh, are you dying?" Were the last words she heard as she fully slipped into an unconscious state.

Aria shot up an screamed at the top of her voice as if the pain was still there. She examined where the horrendous wound was, but found not injury. "Was it a dream?" She said to herself realizing she was laying in a bed of what seemed to be a hospital. The room was well lit with the blinds drawn open. Daylight lit the the room and it seemed it was getting close to evening as the sun was getting close to setting. She was alone in the room as well and wore the garbs of the hospital. She sighed, feeling slightly more relieved and placed her hand at her side. It hit something, something metal as it made a sorta chnk sound from her hand hitting it. Her mind instantly flashed to the rather rude dagger in her dream. "It couldn't be... Right?" She gulped as she shifted her vision to her right side where her hand and the metallic object laid. Her fears were quickly realized and were confirmed. She felt a form of frustration as her eyes laid upon it. She grasped it in her hand and began to yell at it. "WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?!!" She yelled at the object, but received no response. "WHAT? GOT NOTHING TO SAY NOW THAT I LIVED?! HUH?!YOU JERK RUDE DAGGER!" Another part of her mind kicked into motion. She was yelling at an inanimate object and they don't actually talk. A dream is a dream, but this is reality and was confirmed as the dagger didn't seem to have something condescending or insulting to say in reply.

However it did attract the attention of someone else, a nurse and as she quickly opened the door Aria hid the dagger on the opposite side of the nurse's vision. "What is wrong with you?! Other patients are resting here!" The nurse yelled out at her from the doorway. "I'm sorry." Aria said in reply and in realization of what she had done. "Good. Now that you've awoken- Who are you and what happened? You were found unconscious on the side of the road outside of town." The nurse asked in a calm tone. Aria tried wracking her brain for answers again, but just like in the dream she couldn't remember anything beyond now and the dream that she just woke from. She looked down towards her lap and a look of frustration flashed on her face. "I'm... I'm not sure. I only know my first name. Aria..." She said in a depressed tone. "I see. An amnesia case, huh? Your clothes are on the chair in front of you. You can change if you want. I'll be back with the doctor in charge of you." She shifted her gaze to the chair with her clothes and as she did she heard the nurse leave, closing the door behind her.

She climbed out from the warmth of the bed and as her bare feet touched the tile floor a shiver was sent up her spine. "So cold..." She said as she clambered out of the bed and made her way towards the maroon colored chair. On the chair rested a black bra, a black cami, black jacket, blue jeans, a pair of underwear and a pair of ankle socks. Next to the chair were a pair of black boots. "I guess I like black, huh?" She said mockingly to herself. She quickly got dressed preferring her own clothes that of the hospital garb. "Much better." She said as she slipped on her second boot. She stood up and her gaze shifted back to the dagger that lay on the bed. Her mind told her to take it and leave before the nurse returned. Something inside her mind urged her strongly to do so and she obliged to the urge. She grabbed it and placed it into a convent spot that seemed to be made for the dagger in her jacket which would hide it from public eye as she knew people would be uneasy seeing it and possibly authorities would be involved. Now that would be a headache for sure. She quietly opened the door and she somehow managed to get through the entire hospital without being stopped by anyone. "Well, that was easier than expected for some reason." She said to herself in somewhat surprise.

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Dream Time
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