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 Stat System

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Timari Jingai

Timari Jingai

Stat System Empty
PostSubject: Stat System   Stat System Icon_minitimeSat May 31, 2014 7:43 pm

The system works off of points. To obtain these points you post, for each 1k of reiatsu you gain through posting you get 5 points to distribute. When you start off, you have 5 points in each stat to begin. The max amount of points you can reach in a specific stat is also affected by your class

Reiryoku attack Speed: I'm putting this first as it's something you will refer to quite a lot and to save you all searching through a load of text, it's here and easy to see :3 : In order to know how fast your reiryoku attacks move simply do a simple equation. 80% of reiryoku+ 20% of Speed = X. Now when you have your value X, look up what tier of speed this value lies in. This will describe how your reiryoku based attacks travel. In many cases, rounding will be unavoidable here, so the same rule applies. Round up unless you are on the edge of the next tier, in which case you round down.

How to calculate your stats and special stats:

Agile: The faster set of characters. They get 2 points to speed for each 1 they spend. They can max out in any stat but will cap at 1 tier below the highest for stamina. Faster characters have a much higher chance of hitting what they want.

Brutes: The stronger set of characters. They get 2 points to strength for each 1 they spend. They can max out in any stat but will cap at 1 tier below the highest for speed. Stronger characters cause more damage to what they hit, do better at blocking and can lift more.

Tanks: Characters who can last a set of time. They get 2 points to stamina for each 1 they spend. They can max out in any stat but will cap at 1 tier below the highest for perception. Characters with more stamina, can take alot more damage before falling.

Genius's: Characters who are best at kido and reiryoku based attacks. They get 2 points to reiryoku for each 1 they spend. They can max out in any stat but will cap at 1 tier below the highest in strength. Characters with more reiryoku can use more kido at higher levels, and reiryoku based attacks will be stronger compared.

Eagle Eyes: Characters who can perceive things going on around them at a heightened rate. They are cool under pressure and can see things coming at them. They get 2 points to perception for ever 1 they spend. They can max out in every stat except for reiryoku

Once your character is approved, make a thread in the CHARACTER SHEET section with your stats in it. If you are a new player at 0k reiatsu, it means 0 everywhere. If you start at a higher rei level, you need to calculate your stats first (5 points per extra 1,000 reiatsu) and post them there as well.

IMPORTANT: Your weakest stat always have to be at least 10% of your highest, this means that if you have 200 Strength you can not have any stat below 20 points.

When your character reaches 70k Reiatsu the 10% requirement increases to 20% to create more well rounded characters that still have specialties.

Speed:Speed has to deal with how fast your character moves and how fast their attacks move

Strength: Strength has to deal with the raw strength of your character. Characters with more strength can lift more, cause a wider area of damage when they strike and deal more damage. With enough strength, you only need to hit someone a few times to drop them.

Stamina: Stamina has something to do with how long your character can keep fighting. It also has to do with how much damage your character can take before they eat dirt. Characters with more stamina, can take alot more damage and continue to fight longer than others.

Reiryoku: Reiryoku has to do with how strong your reiryoku based attacks are as well as how fast they move. This stat affects what level kido you can use, it also affects how strong your reiryoku based attacks are. Characters with more reiryoku have stronger "energy" based attacks.

Perception: How well your character can aim and hit pinpoint strikes is decided by this. It also affects how well they can track fast moving objects. People without enough perception to keep up with their speed will only end up hurting themselves when they have no idea how far they've gone or where to stop or even understand how fast they are. People with far more perception than the speed their dealing with, things could seem in slow motion, though reacting to these things is a totally different story. Perception in no way gives you prediction skills, higher reiatsu sensing or foresight etc.

*Please do note that this does not affect your reaction time. Also note that all references to aiming in bench marks does not in fact mean attacks will ever home in and refers too your ability to aim accurately at mobile targets.

Stat Tiers:





Stat System Arrancar_signature__nell_by_wolf123m-d3hcr4c

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Stat System
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