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 Squad 7, Arisen from the rubble.

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Kali Joran
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PostSubject: Squad 7, Arisen from the rubble.   Wed Sep 25, 2013 10:07 pm

Kali was walking into her barracks, well what was left of them anyway. She had her new Captains robe, and it seemed that her Reiatsu was enough not let the others in the barracks know who she was. No one questioned her.

"I do Apologize for this but we do not have time to waste."

"You twenty, i want you to start rebuilding the barracks, use any resource you need, the supplies are own this...." She held up her hand and a shadow cloud appeared to reveal a huge wagon type carriage holding tons of brick, mortar and other various supplies. "Food and drink will be given when wanted courtesy of my family. Now please get to work."

She then turned around and pointed out another group, "I want you fifteen to go to the academy, another wagon is waiting there as well, it needs to be prepared." Then she sent another 25 shinigami to the rukongai to give relief assistance.

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Squad 7, Arisen from the rubble.
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