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 The End of all Fear, Toshiro's relaxation

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Toshiro Orahara

Toshiro Orahara

Location : Squad 1 Barracks

The End of all Fear, Toshiro's relaxation Empty
PostSubject: The End of all Fear, Toshiro's relaxation   The End of all Fear, Toshiro's relaxation Icon_minitimeWed Jul 03, 2013 2:35 pm

The doors creaked as they opened for the first time in over one hundred years dust and bushes were growing inside of the office. Toshiro Orahara walked in to see what was left of the old Captain Commanders office. A heavy tear went down his face in memory of Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto and Shunsui Kyoraku who were both Captain Commanders before him. Taking a step inside made him have many flashbacks of being in here with them. "Such fond memories of them lay asleep in this very office."

Toshiro walked over to the old desk that was now cut in half and nearly completely rotted away from years of sitting there unused. Placing his hand onto the remaining parts of the desk he felt some remains of Yamamoto and Shinsui's spiritual pressure in it. "So you both left your mark in this room. So shall i." Pouring a small amount of his spiritual pressure into the desk it creaked and began to glow. Toshiro took a short step back as he then watched as the desk stood back up and began to restore itself.

"What is this? What can be causing this to happen, this is just unheard of even for us in the Soul Society." Then out of no where the desk finished restoring as an image of Shunsui and Yamamoto appeared before him. Shunsui got a smile on his face as he saw that it was Toshiro. "My how much you have grown Toshiro, Last time i saw you were my Vice Captain and now you are Captain Commander and Squad 1 Captain. This is a major shock to me." Yamamoto looked over at Shunsui as he opened one eye to see Toshiro and a small grin showed on the old man's face.

"This shows how much the Soul Society has grown. I however no longer sense any of the Captains from before i died. This is a tragedy." Toshiro bowed down to both of them with a tear in his eye. "I'm so sorry both of you. I couldn't protect either one of them even at my full power." Shunsui and Yamamoto placed their hands on Toshiro and a great ball of light engulfed them. Toshiro looked around since he didn't recognize the area and then turned to Shunsui and Yamamoto.

"This is a special area we made while being dead using our remaining spiritual pressure that was left in that desk. Old man will explain it." Yamamoto nodded at Shunsui as he then removed his captains cloak and drew out his zanpakuto. The captains cloak hit the ground as Yamamoto began to explain. "We knew that you would eventually become Captain Commander so we set this up to have a battle with you to help guide you to the power you need to end the Quincy and be the strongest Captain Commander you can be! Now draw your sword and prepare to fight!" Shunsui also drew out his zanpakuto and held them out in a battle position.

Toshiro then drew out his zanpakuto and held a strong position before the two of them so he could at least try to keep up. Shunsui then looked at Yamamoto and nodded then spoke to him in a friendly sort of way. "After you old man Yama, as they always say age before beauty." Yamamoto just snickered a little bit before getting a serious look on his face to start the fight. "Prepare yourself my former 4th seat Toshiro Orahara, this fight will be worse than any other fight you've been in thus far! All things in the universe turn to ashes, Ryūjin Jakka!"

"Be ready Toshiro, last time i saw you was when you were my Vice Captain with just a barely mastered Bankai so be ready. When the Flower Wind Rages, the Flower God Roars, When the Wind of Heaven Rages, the God of the Underworld Sneers, Katen Kyōkotsu!" Flames erupted around Yamamoto and Shunsui's shikai took on a blackish color and had a small curve to the top of the blades. Toshiro then held his zanpakuto over his head as he then poured his spiritual pressure into his shikai. "It has been a really long time since either of you have seen me. So you best prepare yourselves for my power! Freeze them all, Aikumaru!" Ice erupted around Toshiro as he then made it swirl into the air around the three of them to prepare for battle.

Shunsui was the first to make a move as he swung at Toshiro one of his zanpakuto were blocked and the other was dodged just in time. While Toshiro was flying through the air Yamamoto appeared using Shunpo and attacked with his flames. "Quite fast you are, however without the proper reflexes speed means nothing!" Toshiro was sent back flying to the ground as Shunsui began to make his move. "Old man Yama is right ya know, gotta keep your guard up! Bushōgoma!"

Shunsui then spun in mid air and formed wind blades that then charged at Toshiro that blew him back into a small hole in the ground. Struggling to stand back up he faced Shunsui and Yamamoto while bringing himself back to his feet. "You really should learn to move faster especially around Eijisai-dono. Pierce, Gonryōmaru!" Toshiro turned quickly enough to see Chojiro Sasakibe along with two others standing there. Within moments he was struck and blown over to the other side of the battlefield.

"So its not just Shunsui and Yamamoto but you guys too eh? Sasakibe, Nanao and Genshiro. All of you must be here for the same reason." Sasakibe stood next to Yamamoto while Genshiro and Nanao stood by themselves. Shunsui raised his hand up to get Toshiro's attention real quick. "Don't worry Nanao and Genshiro wont be fighting, just the three of us will be. Now prepare yourself for a battle of a lifetime." He stood there for a moment so Toshiro could stand up as he then charged.

Sasakibe got on Toshiro's left while Yamamoto was on his right and Shunsui in front of him all in a battle position to corner him. "Now then let us begin once again, this time try to use what we taught you!" They all charged in at one time leaving Toshiro cornered until he pumped out his spiritual pressure. Everyone of them charged in with a shocked look on their faces as Toshiro raised his zanpakuto into the air. He then slammed his zanpakuto into the ground as a wall of ice appeared around him with spikes coming out of it making them all back off.

"That is very impressive, Sasakibe! Activate your bankai, i shall activate mine as well however Shunsui remain in your Shikai. Now go! Bankai!" Yamamoto then activated his bankai and within seconds the flames in the area vanished. Yamamoto appeared with his zanpakuto looking scorched with smoke coming off of it. Sasakibe then raised his zanpakuto into the air and followed Yamamoto. "Very well, time to use this bankai of mine, Bankai!"

Lightning began to appear all around Sasakibe as Toshiro's ice evaporated away leaving him exposed to their attacks. "Zanka no Tachi, Toshiro we activated our full strength so we can push you to your limits. Now use your bankai!" Sasakibe then gathered his lightning into a cloud and stood there. "Kōkō Gonryō Rikyū, this power no one has seen in over hundreds to thousands of years. Our bankai are two of the strongest ever to exist. So be ready for our attacks." Toshiro stood there for a moment to observe their bankai which amazed him to no end.

Lightning then began to charge at Toshiro and attack him but he managed to dodge each one in time to get out of the way as Yamamoto appeared behind him. "Hurry and use your bankai or else you will perish here!" Yamamoto then swung his zanpakuto at Toshiro who managed to dodge it using shunpo just in time. Toshiro landed quite the ways away from them all as he held out his zanpakuto. "I hope my bankai is even very useful in this fight. Bankai!"

The air began to cool down as Toshiro's bankai activated and his zanpakuto turned into a frost bitten sword with steam coming off of it. The sheer coldness of his bankai was countering Yamamoto's Zanka no Tachi with little effort. "Daiguren Aikumaru, you wanted to see my bankai? Well here it is! The bankai to end all battles!" Toshiro then turned to Yamamoto and swung his zanpakuto at him forming a large sized mountain of ice. The area began to stabilize as Toshiro's bankai counter balanced Yamamoto's bankai.

"Looks like Toshiro's bankai greatly improved since the last time i saw him, even old man Yama will have problems fighting it at this rate." Shunsui charged in and got into a firing position against Toshiro's ice. "Time to see if i can still counter this bankai of yours, Bushōgoma!" Air blades then charged at Toshiro and his ice but the air blades froze in mid air and disappeared. "My bankai holds an ability similar to Yamamoto's Zanka no Tachi. However mine goes the other way and causes absolute zero. It is a point so cold nothing can exist. So shall we end this?"

Toshiro turned towards Sasakibe and swung with all of his power at the lightning cloud about him and made it vanish before his very eyes. "How can a bankai surpass Yamamoto's so easily, same with Shunsui Kyoraku's strongest shikai ability. This is just unheard of from my time period!" Firing one bold of lightning Sasakibe directed it right at Toshiro who pushed it away with no effort at all using his bankai. After the bolt of lightning was pushed away he reappeared before Sasakibe and froze him solid within a thick sheet of ice. Sasakibe was defeated in this fight leaving just Yamamoto and Shunsui alone.

"Whoa, he just defeated Sasakibe's bankai then froze him solid within moments of using his bankai. This is very different from the bankai i remember." Yamamoto stared at Toshiro who was standing in front of a frozen Sasakibe. Shunsui took a glance over at Yamamoto and knew that this was fight either of them could win. "That bankai, it is very powerful yet dangerous like mine. You must never use it unless faced with a situation you must absolutely use it!" Toshiro stared at Yamamoto blankly losing sight of himself and slipping a bit into his zanpakuto's power.

Shunsui knew that Toshiro couldn't even control the max power of his bankai but then out of no where a small shriek erupted behind him. He turned quickly to see Nanao and Genshiro frozen solid and on the ground. They were defeated without even being touched by his zanpakuto which made Shunsui fear the worse if this continued. So he raised up his zanpakuto but was stopped by Yamamoto. "No need for your bankai Shunsui, once he defeats me his zanpakuto will go back to shikai. Trust me."

Yamamoto stepped forward and stared directly at Toshiro who was building up more ice to freeze over the landscape to turn into absolute zero. Forcing out his flames Yamamoto melted half of the ice and charged at Toshiro. "It's time for you to place that bankai into a rest period. You must never use it unless you must!" Yamamoto swung at Toshiro who countered and sliced Yamamoto's right arm off. Right at that very second his bankai slipped out and vanished and turned back into shikai.

Toshiro started breathing very heavily as Yamamoto's bankai vanished as well back into shikai as he was treating his wound. Shunsui stood there amazed by what he just saw, two zanpakuto whose bankai could destroy a world cancelled each other out. It was a very rare sight to be seen, however Yamamoto lost his right arm for good this time. "My bankai, it vanished without me forcing it to seal. But how?" This power was amazing as Sasakibe thawed out and fell to the ground defeated along with Nanao and Genshiro.

All three of them were easily blown away by Toshiro's bankai and it injured Yamamoto to a degree that he lost a limb. Shunsui showed signs of frost bite on his fingers and toes since the cold was hitting him pretty hard. "That was even more stronger than the last time i ever practiced with you using your bankai." Toshiro managed to stand up but continued to gasp for air since it took all of his breath right out of him. The three of them prepared to wrap up their fight to see which generation was stronger and to help Toshiro prepare to lead the Gotei 13 into the future with confidence.

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Toshiro Orahara

Toshiro Orahara

Location : Squad 1 Barracks

The End of all Fear, Toshiro's relaxation Empty
PostSubject: Re: The End of all Fear, Toshiro's relaxation   The End of all Fear, Toshiro's relaxation Icon_minitimeMon Jul 15, 2013 4:04 am

Toshiro stood still as he looked onto Yamamoto recovering from losing his right arm as Shunsui stood there in shock of his former vice captain's power. It has been over one hundred years since each of them had seen Toshiro but still this much progress was a major shock to Shunsui. "We should be careful with him old man yama, he has gained a lot more power than what he had when we saw him." All of a sudden a strong serge of power emerged over the area and all three of them looked out and didn't know how it was except for Toshiro. Shunsui had no idea who it was but he let out a statement since Yamamoto was still gasping for air.

"Could it be that Kenpachi Zaraki is still alive after all these years? But there's just no way since you mentioned that he was killed along with Curio Kamashi." Toshiro just smiled at this fact and knew that his plan was put into action after so long. "That power isn't Kenpachi Zaraki, he did indeed die. This is Curio Kamashi's son Uchiro Kamashi. His power is even greater than Zaraki's." Shunsui and Yamamoto got extremely shocked looks on their faces since such a strong power was present in this world still. They both thought the Quincy would take out power houses like this to ensure their victories over the shinigami.

"This power is just frightening, there is just no way that a child that young could have such power no matter how it is sliced up." Yamamoto was in major shock from his wound and the sheer spiritual pressure emitting from the world of the living and managing to reach the Soul Society. Toshiro just smiled at this and put his focus back onto the two captain commanders before him. Raising his zanpakuto up he then prepared to finish this so he could follow through with his plans. "It's been good to see the both of you, however now i have to leave and take on my duties. Perhaps we can meet again in the next life."

Shunsui just raised his hand and stopped Toshiro right there since he had a statement to say to him before ending this already since it was too soon for goodbyes. "We shall always be here, sealed within your zanpakuto to fight anytime you want. Become strong Toshiro Orahara, third generation Captain Commander." With that everyone in that room of light vanished into Toshiro's zanpakuto and he reappeared back into the office. He knew this wasn't a dream but it was good to see them once again. He then turned and took back off into the Soul Society to activate his plan that he sent Uchiro Kamashi to do.

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The End of all Fear, Toshiro's relaxation
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