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 Homura Season 1 Ep 1-8

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Shihoin Rensaku
Role Play Moderator

PostSubject: Homura Season 1 Ep 1-8   Wed Jul 03, 2013 2:16 am

Specifically to those in the pact itself however all are welcomed.

The story in Tokyo when his zanpaktou tells him to go out and take over a small area for him, in order to show his dominance, Homura begins to make a name for itself. There will be random side missions within some of the episodes to make this a little more fun. : )

Ep 1- Rensaku spend time looking for eight people to become his lieutenants(one will be an auto NPC) for his faction to have backbone. 50sc each for Npc chars, none for actual players.

Ep 2- After finding lieutenants for his Clan Ren begins to search for his place to begin his operation to take over Tokyo. 100sc to look for a place to call home.

Ep 3- Now with the lieutenants as well as a base of operations, Ren tries to find foot soldiers that will help him in his Effort to take over Tokyo. 100sc to find 50 members that are willing to join.

Ep 4- With his base of operation and soldiers to back it up, Ren now tries to focus on how to make money for his Clan. 200sc to find a place that can be used to make constant money. Unlimited robbery and hitman side quests are available.

Ep 5 pt 1- "Meeting in the planning room" Homura is now a clan to be reckoned with, now they learn about their enemies. (2 factions, Golden fist and Falling Stars) as well as the elite police force known as "Caliber 9", everyone there seems to know some kind of Blue aura, it isn't water, but the aura can be used to fight with, just like Homura's fire ability. Will learn of that from a lieutenant that lived there.

Ep 5 pt 2- The enemy has been realised, Homura takes immediate action, they learn that the Caliber 9 is fill with 9 strong members (8 of them are officers at 60k and the 9th member is their commander who is at 70k) and it has been decided not to try and take them on unless it's necessary or until members of Homura are strong enough to do so. They also find out the the other faction members are pushovers aside from their leaders(who are at 65k). Will learn of this from one of the lieutenants who live there.

Ep 6- "Jailed Leader and Clan wars" Rensaku comes up with the idea to be captured by Cal 9 in order to keep some of the officers as well as the commander occupied with him and buy time for Homura to battle Golden fist, eliminate them and take 1/3 of the Tokyo for themselves. 200sc battle. After the fight Rensaku will free himself from capture and rejoin his clan. (would like to use a lieutenant NPC if PCs aren't available.)

Ep 7- "Causing trouble" Homura now understands most of everything that is going on now, so with their better understanding Ren decides to send the order to stir up trouble and keep Cal 9 on their feet as they try to capture Homura members and take them into custody. Your jobs are to cause mayhem, rob, but not murder any civilians as we don't want them not to try and band against us. 100SC to start a riot.

Ep 8- "Operation, Disorientate" Now that Homura has some control they begin to think about damaging the police station of Cal 9 in order to make them have to repair it, thus slowing them down. In this final episode Homura charges at the police installation in order to damage it. The plan is that due to the mission from ep 7 all officers of Cal 9 will be busy trying to keep order in the Tokyo along with the other police, that's where Ren will try and take on the Commander, he and kill him unless he has a stronger member on his side and if he's not strong enough to do so himself. The death of the commander will leave them unbalanced for Homura. Boss battle: 70k

After ep 8 is finished then season 2 will be revealed.

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Ino Miyuraki
Role Play Moderator

Location : Kent

PostSubject: Re: Homura Season 1 Ep 1-8   Wed Jul 03, 2013 2:18 am

Well thought out, good storyline, I like it! Very Happy
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Shihoin Rensaku
Role Play Moderator

PostSubject: Re: Homura Season 1 Ep 1-8   Wed Jul 03, 2013 4:44 pm

It's is unfortunate that most of this is fan based, the next season however will be as original as possible. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Homura Season 1 Ep 1-8   

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Homura Season 1 Ep 1-8
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