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 Re: The Journy to Cold Blood

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Shihoin Rensaku
Role Play Moderator
Shihoin Rensaku

PostSubject: Re: The Journy to Cold Blood   Wed Jun 26, 2013 10:16 pm

As he held his arms arms tight he thought of a way to try and get the upper hand, a sudden head-but causes him to loose his grip. From there it was just him being hit with powerful attacks, even after the wounds. He tries his best to try and move out of the way but wasnt fast enough, he takes a punch to the face that takes him down. On the ground trying his best to move he feels weight on his back. "Hold still." He said as he felt a hand of flames on his back. He grunts for a second then looks back to see himself in rukongai, the fire still high in the air around him. He thinks for a moment, with his blade held back with a tight grip he swings, as soon as his sword hit the fire he formed around it and covered his hands, then went on to cover his body. He dosent feel the burn, it felt like a warm mass. When it stopped he felt the fire form in his hands. Thats when he figured it out, he sheath his sword and then creates fire in his hand. He smirks as he turns off the flames, then leaves to try and look for agent jobs. He shunpos to the Shihoin mission room in search of a new job, when he upon his arrival he was met by a two people. "Perfect, we can use him to help us" A girl said as she motioned for him to come, he rudely ignores her and her friend as he walked to the mission board. "Hey, I'm talking to you!" She steps in front of him with her arms out, stopping him from going any further. "Can you help us out with a mission, we could use an extra hand and we'll pay you well."

He sighs knowing that he had nothing else better to do with himself at the moment, he could train but there was no technique worth being learned, however it'd never hurt to learn some kido and considering his ability to use his reiyo it would be perfect for him. He looks the girl dead in the eyes. "This had better be good, you're usually never doing anything worth my time, plus you'd probably slow me down considering you need my help in the first place." He gives her a harsh stare that seemed to have no effect on her, usually that stare would intimidate someone, especially if he looked them in the eye while doing so.

"You're so cruel Rouge Wolf," She said in a flat voice. "But anyway we're about to go and investigate a new enemy hideout that a scout pick up on. There is a rumor going around that there are going to be a meeting held there, there's going to be five high ranking rebel officers, if we can catch them while they're there then we will definitely hit a jackpot on the operation and if we capture at least one of them then we will be a step closer to uncovering their leader and the rest of their hideouts, we will be able to put a stop to them. If you're interested then we will be on our way now."

He thinks for a minute, he figures that this one will be worth his time, all he needed was to get geared up and ready to go. He buys a smoke bomb, poison and a bag containing 8 throwing knives, he places them into his empty holsters and then joins them outside. "Ready?" The girl asks, he nods, then they dash of in the direction of the so called hideout, the move roof top to roof top, unseen by untrained eyes, on the way there the girl tries to start a conversation with him. "Hey, you know there's a lot of rumors going around about you like how you go in to missions and brutalize your targets, well I would like it if you let one of them stay in tact, the other four are yours." He says nothing, he seems to be uninterested in the conversation. "So tell me about yourself, who are you really, beyond all the rumors, on the outside you look like a murderous monster, but who are you on the inside?" He ignores her, not bothering to even look at her, she sighs, then tries a different approach. "So what do you plan on doing after we finish this mission, are you going to disappear again like always or are you going to stick around this time?" He again says nothing, he instead moves faster roof to roof, irritated from his unresponsive behavior she shunpos beside him. "Look, you're not making this any easier, if anything you're making this harder than it should be, I have no choice but to ask you boldly... For now on you're apart of my executive squad!" He quickly responds to such an absurd statement.

"You'll die before I ever seclude myself with you and your little squad you have going." He said.

"Ha, we'll see, I bet your dad would say otherwise." She responded.

"Don't ever bring him up in front of me, and I don't take orders from him, I'm my own man, why do you think I've been named wolf, there was a reason behind it, I wouldn't be here if it were not for the money." He snapped at her.

Loosing confidence in him she decides to give up. "Well could you at least help us with this problem, all the way through to the end, that's all I'm really asking you as of right now." She say as they finally come to a stop. "Here we are, this is we start our mission, are you ready?" She asked, Ren simply nods again,"You know what, I never did tell you my name"

"I don't care to know your name so keep it to yourself." He retorted.

"Fine, but lets get started, since you happen to be the stealthiest of the group I want you to wait over there." She points to the burnt wood and ashes, "I want you to hid behind that and when I give the order I want you to come out and cut down the two closest officers, that will even the odds up, then I want you to lead the others over there,"She points to the trees,"Ahn will wait there and ambush one of them, mean while I'll be killing one of the three that will be chasing you there. We will need to knock out the last one in order to interrogate him or her. Ok lets move." The three of them took their positions and waited.

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Shihoin Rensaku
Role Play Moderator
Shihoin Rensaku

PostSubject: Re: Re: The Journy to Cold Blood   Thu Jun 27, 2013 12:27 am

Ren waited in his position, waiting for the signal, she never did say what the signal was, but he assumed that it would be very obvious for him to catch on to it. He listens carefully, patiently for the signal, an hour passed, still nothing, maybe they had come late and they had already left, this would be bad on his reputation as he never failed to complete an objective, this wouldn't be his first if he could help it. He waits another two and a half hours, night was beginning to fall and he was starting to grow weary of his action-less wait when finally he hears a whistle. Assuming that to be the signal he shunpos in to the air, he see the officers and quickly fly down in to one of them, landing on to the crown of his head, breaking through it. Blood splats everywhere as he throws one of his knives at a selected target of the five. The knife penetrates through the eye, causing him to fall to the ground, he then incinerates the man with his flames, he never got the chance to scream.

Not following the plan he stands his ground, one of the men attacks him with a slice directly to his head, he dodges the attack and swiftly kicks him in the goods while grabbing a knife and tossing it at the other unlucky soul. He then consecutively handsprings back, he brings his hands together, then without warning fire forms in his hands, he sends his fire out like a flame thrower, burning the stunned man, that's when the girl who was in the tree jumped out and knocked out one of the men who's focus was on him. "YOU DIDN'T STICK TO THE PLAN!" She said in an agitated tone.

"Your plan was time consuming and unnecessary." He responded.

"Well whatever, at least now we have what we came for." She picks up the man who seemed to be out cold, "lets go" She says loud enough for everyone to here, then just like that they were gone, only the bodies were left as evidence of the fight that took place.

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Shihoin Rensaku
Role Play Moderator
Shihoin Rensaku

PostSubject: Re: Re: The Journy to Cold Blood   Thu Jun 27, 2013 2:37 am

As the group made it to the front of the shihoin compound the person began to wake up, the girl immediately knocked the guy out. "Ok, this is it, you'll be paid after we turn this guy in for money" She said as she brought the guy in to the interrogation room, she then came out with the money, after it was divided evenly between the three he was given his share of the money. "Well, thats your fair share of what we made, you seemed to really handle yourself out there. We could really use your hand in this next assignment, come back in a week or so, we may have some information from him by then. Until then we'll meet again if you show up..." She said as she went back in to the room where she began to work, he had an idea of how they would get an answer from him, torture, the only thing he didn't know was the method of torture they were going to use on him, that made him curious.

He leaves to find something else to satisfy him, he probably wasn't going to help them with their next mission, especially since the first mission that he had with them was a completely and utter waist of his time even if he did end up getting paid, that mission was simply nothing more than child's play to him and the fact that the so called executive force couldn't do a job such as that one by themselves then certainly they were going to slow him down if he had to help with a more challenging mission such as defeating the rebel leader himself, he wondered if they even knew there cause in this.

He heard word of the quincy still being around SS so he figured he may as well do a little something there to weaken their forces, it may not be easy considering his current power but he had to do with the little power that he had, or he could simply take the time to learn kido as well as some hidden skills. He heard rumors of the ability to knock out an opponent by the use of purple pedals, and he could learn how to use a more powerful headbutt that will send his opponents flying in the air, he could learn how to use shunpo clones in order to confuse his enemies in to attacking after images of himself or just being completely stunned by his high speed performance. Or and this would be a first time thing for him, he could just take a break, relax and learn more about the squads and their current standings, maybe he could even join one over time before he eventually went to squad 2. He knew that it was certain that he would end up crossing paths with that squad at some point in his life, but the only thing he didn't know was when that was going to happen.

He leaves to find the Captain Commander to maybe figure somethings out, maybe he can get something to spark his interest there, but he wouldn't know until he got there. In a split second he was gone.



Left the thread.
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PostSubject: Re: Re: The Journy to Cold Blood   

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Re: The Journy to Cold Blood
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