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 Advertisement Rules

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Uchiro Kamashi
Admin & Facebook Moderator

Location : Michigan

PostSubject: Advertisement Rules   Wed Jun 26, 2013 7:52 pm

Basic Setup:

All members who decide to made an Advertisement on here must at least be a member of the site for 1 month and have done a little activity on the site for Advertisements to be accepted. For those of you who put an ad on this site please use the following template:

Site Name:
Site URL:
Site Type:
Site Description:
Your Affiliation with this Site:

Rules of Advertisement:

-No spam pm'ing members about joining sites or trying to steal them, this will not be tolerated at all and will either result in a 1 month to a full on perma ban depending on how bad the situation gets.

-No talk of other sites in chat, this is one big rule we moderators and admin will enforce and will result in ban from chat for 5 days if caught doing so.

-Advertisements of the website Bleach Soul Evolution will absolutely not be tolerated at all, the site owner has caused too many problems will many staff members on this site and we want nothing to do with that site or its owner. Nothing against its moderator staff or members, we just no longer want him causing problems with us any longer.

-Pornographic sites or anything R-rated will be removed due to them not being aloud and this is a pg-13 site. let's keep it that way.
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Advertisement Rules
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