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 Yuzu Kamashi Character Sheet

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Uchiro Kamashi
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PostSubject: Yuzu Kamashi Character Sheet   Tue Jun 25, 2013 5:37 pm

Character name: Yuzu Kamashi

Reiatsu: 10,000

Squad: -----

Rank: -------

(Squad & Rank didn't exist til 3 years after Yuzu's death.)


Yuzu was a kind soul like her mother and didn't like violence unless it was called for. She was also very shy and scared of a lot of things. In combat she always hid from it since she was scared of raising a hand to another creature.

Founding of the Shinigami Arc
Yuzu Kamashi was born in the year 915 to Kaien and Mary Kamashi as their last born child. Yuzu was raised by both her parents unlike her brothers since their father Kaien was away for training all the time to become stronger. Yuzu spent all her years with her parents until the year 945 when she joined the Academy to become strong like her brothers. She was very smart with her studies but her time was cut short. 

In the year 1000, Yuzu was out training with other classmates when something went wrong and Hollows attacked the group. Yuzu tried to run and hide but the hollows kept on surrounding her in every turn. She took one swing at them and her Zanpakuto was taken from her and was driven through her skull. After the battle was over her corpse was taken to the Kamashi family where they mourned her death for the next 3 years.

Yuzu never even graduated from the academy.

Shikai- not achieved
Bankai- not achieved

not achieved

not achieved

Other Abilities:
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Yuzu Kamashi Character Sheet
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