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 Shimada Kamashi Character Sheet

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PostSubject: Shimada Kamashi Character Sheet   Tue Jun 25, 2013 5:32 pm

Character name: Shimada Kamashi

Reiatsu: 98,000

Squad: 3

Rank: Captain/ 6th Seat



The Dark Days Arc
It was the year 1053 when Shimada was born to Kirinji and Hisana Kamashi and was raised like a noble of the Kamashi household. The many years flew by as Shimada was being trained by his father Kirinji to become strong as can be.

Shimada joined the Shinigami Academy in the year 1124 where he got official training to become a shinigami and graduated with very high grades in the year 1130. It was during this time his Father brought him into Squad 3 with the original captain of the squad from over 127 years ago at this Current time.

The years went by and the Captain who he started with got promoted to an even higher Squad and his Father Kirinji Kamashi took over as the Captain of Squad 3 and moved Shimada up to being 6th seat, this year was 1134. It was during this year many changes were happening throughout he entire Soul Society. Even the Hollows were getting stronger which meant that they all had to be on their toes at all times to survive. 

Lighter days Arc
It has been 69 years since Kirinji Kamashi became Captain of Squad 3 while Shimada was only the 6th seat during this entire time period. Shimada has mastered complete use of his Shikai down to the very number giving him a very popular and feared zanpakuto besides Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto Ryuujin Jakka. Turns out his zanpakuto can grow trees at will which is also passed to him even when his shikai wasn't activated. It was the year 1203 when Squad 3 received news that Yachiru Unohana the Captain of Squad 11 and the 1st Kenpachi fell in battle the night before which shocked the Squad greatly. 

Shimada's uncle Renji Kamashi took this very heavily and it damaged him beyond means of repair which made him useless in battle. Everytime Shimada and his father Kirinji were at the family manor they tried to cheer him up but it never worked. With the deaths of Kaien, Mary, and Yuzu Kamashi were huge hits that the family took over the years. Renji and Kirinji were the only two left at this period of time from their original timeframe of the family. Shimada never understood this since he was a 3rd generation Kamashi and didn't know their pain. With only his little sister Yachiru Kamashi, Shimada did his best to train her to be strong but never really worked. Yachiru was too soft due to her natural surroundings in Squad 13. Shimada began training his Bankai a few months after the events of Squad 11 to try and become stronger himself.

It was only a year later when the family was gathered by the Squad 4 Captain Kirinji Tenjiro to inform them all that Renji Kamashi died on a mission to the outskirts of the Rukongai with a small group from Squad 11. From the cut wounds it looked to be from sword cuts which made everyone in the Kamashi clan serge their spiritual pressure all at once. Having the use of Bankai Shimada joined the group within his family to avenge the death of their family member. All of them excluding Hisana and Yachiru Kamashi who stayed behind due to their weakness in combat the men headed out to fight.

Once on the location there was a group of Shinigami who were close to Vice Captain's level standing there as they began to draw their swords on Kirinji and Shimada. One of the Shinigami activated Bankai within seconds of the fight and attacked Kirinji at that very second who had only seconds to react. Shimada remained standing there in shock that rebels could hold such power without even much training. However after watching his father get struck Shimada then went into a rampage and activated his Bankai and attacked without mercy. Kirinji watched as his own son killed the group of rebels on his own. After the battle was over Shimada took Kirinji to the med bay to get his wounds patched up. The two of them take time of grieving before returning to active duty in Squad 3 like before.

In the year 1210 Shimada's father Kirinji Kamashi became ill with a virus that crippled him making him unable to perform his normal Captain's duties anymore. Yamamoto ordered that a new Captain be found to take Kirinji's place since the virus had no cure. Kirinji offered up Shimada his own son to become the next Captain of Squad 3. It was agreed upon right away by all Captains who then informed Shimada of his promotion. Shimada however turned it down and refused to take the seat until his Father died. The year 1212 then came with Kirinji passing away in the summer season. This crushed Shimada who was now made the Captain of Squad 3 in the very way he didn't want to become captain but it happened in the end. 

A whole year passed from his father's death in the year 1213 when his mother died on a mission with her squad against a pack of Quincy. Shimada took this one even harder than his father's since he was close with his mother but now it was just him and his little sister Yachiru. After the burial ceremony Shimada vanished into the Squad 3 barracks for a few years to think on what he was going to do now.

Shimada kept to himself for many years until his sister Yachiru Kamashi came down with a virus and killed her within days of catching it. This was in the year 1566 many years after his parents died but it still took a heavy hit on him. He laid around in his Squad barracks for many months until a woman came in and slapped some sense into him. This woman was from the academy days and he hadn't seen her since. Her name was Mai and she cared deeply for Shimada and hated to see him be this way. It didn't take long before Shimada was back to his old self and eventually married Mai and the two became the next generation of the Kamashi Clan.

In the year 1601 a man from a different Squad was heard of going on a rampage, this man's name was Baishin. He fuzed with his zanpakuto and went on a killing frenzy throughout the Soul Society. After the deaths of many shinigami, Shimada and five other captains were sent to subdue him and seal the monster away for good. Two of the captain's died in the slaughter but Shimada managed to survive and helped seal away the man once and for all.

The next year Shimada was walking his Squad barracks to overhear news that a man named Koga joined the Kuchiki clan and was considered a Genius due to his immense strength. It was only a week later that Shimada and Mai's son Sojun Kamashi was born that Shimada felt that his future was finally look up at last after many years in the dark.

Soul Society Civil War Arc
In the year 1603 something went wrong within the Soul Society and all hell broke loose at this time, even the Kamashi Clan got ensnared into it. The Squad 8 Captain Shunsui Kyoraku summoned Shimada to the Squad 8 barracks for a briefing on the issue. Shimada gave Shunsui everything he had to think about on this matter and decided to take action before allowing this to harm his family. The Squad 6 Captain Ginrei Kuchiki also agreed with Shimada but also wanted to add in a time for strategy to think things out. Squad 1 Captain and the Captain Commander Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto ordered Shimada, Ginrei, and Koga to go out and try to take down the enemy forces at whatever costs. 

The three of them broke off and went to two different battlefields with Shimada flying it solo for this one time. Landscapes were ruined by all the fighting that was going around the Soul Society. From the looks of it all no one was safe from anyone at this point which made Shimada worry about Mai and Sojun back at the family manor. Stopping at the top of a cliff he looked down and saw a large battle ensuing right before his eyes. Jumping down into battle he activated his shikai and jumped to his side's army to defend them.

Shikai- Shin Sūsenju
Bankai- Senpō Shin Sūsenju
Element- Wood/Weaponry
Release Command- Enlighten the world


Shikai Appearance:

Shikai Abilities:


Bankai Appearance:

Bankai Abilities:

Other Abilities:


Zanjutsu Abilties:

Hoho Abilities:

Hakuda Abilities:

Hybrid Abilities:

(To Shunsui Kyoraku) "With rage comes war, it just always seems to be a never ending cycle of stupidity. We as the Captains of the Gotei 13 must end this before any innocent people get hurt from others stupidity!"

(Last Words before Death) "Sorry Sojun and Mai, looks like I'm not making it home for dinner tonight. At least we had many happy years together, especially the one year with you my son Sojun. I just hope you grow up to be strong like the many Kamashi before us and become the next head of the Kamashi Clan. Stay safe both of you, I'm sorry that i can't protect you any longer..."
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Shimada Kamashi Character Sheet
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