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 Curio Kamashi Character Sheet

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PostSubject: Curio Kamashi Character Sheet   Tue Jun 25, 2013 5:27 pm

Character name: Curio Kamashi

Reiatsu: 151,000

Former Squad(s): 3/ Division Zero

Former Rank: Captain/ 2nd Head of the Kamashi Clan



Human Life
Curio Kamashi was born to a poor family of New York City in 1846 where he was raised until he was of the age of ten. His real name from when he was alive has been long since forgotten with the hands of time. For the many years he lived there life was rough on him and his family until they moved to the country side where they started living off the land. It was when he was at the age of fourteen Curio's father was killed in a small disagreement that erupted over the size of land.

In the year 1862 at the age of sixteen he enlisted for the American Civil war where he fought for the Union of the North. He was named one of the sharpest shooters of his platoon as he managed to defeat over twenty men within his first month of serving. However in the year 1865 Curio died from a fatal shot to the heart during the final battle in the North American Civil War. His body was buried near Holley, New York. He is later seen as a Spirit hovering over his mother's house as he was Soul Buried by a Shinigami.

Times of Peace Arc
In the year 1866 he was first seen once again wondering through the Rukongai in one of the outer districts looking for food to survive on. He was last seen during this arc wondering in the woods to look for food.

Appearance of Sosuke Aizen Arc
Curio Appears once more during this arc in the year 1885 attempting to grow some crops on a slab of land that he acquired by some unknown means. While he was out watering his crops a man approached him and introduced himself as Sojun Kamashi. Sojun then explained that he came here due to Curio's spiritual pressure leading him here and he was curious as to what kind of person he was. After a while of Talking Sojun convinced Curio to join the Kamashi family as they then left for the Clan's main household. A year later in 1886 Curio then signed up for the Shinigami Academy to train and join his father in the Gotei 13. He was in the Academy for six years and managed to get high grades through the entire time he was there.

Turn back the Pendulum Arc
Curio Appeared in the year 1892 as he graduated from the Shinigami Academy with his father Sojun standing there to congratulate him. Immediately after Graduating the Captain of Squad 3 at the time Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi, brought Curio into the squad as an unseated officer while his father served as the 10th seat. The family didn't hold very high seated positions at the time however they were strong with their kido. Over the many years to come Curio and his Father Sojun spent a lot of time training on the Squad 3 grounds and at the Kamashi Family Household.

Nine years later Curio and his father Sojun were present when their Captain Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi was sent out as a dispatch to assist Squad 9 with a mission. This was the last time they saw Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi for the next one-hundred years.

Coming to Power Arc
Curio and Sojun Kamashi are both seen training as they receive the news that Sosuke Aizen and Mayuri Kurotsuchi became captains in the year 1903. Curio voiced an opinion on how he didn't trust Aizen one bit since he was acting suspicious about a year ago when their last captain disappeared. With a quick agreement the two resume their training.

A year later in 1904, Curio is seen with Kaname Tousen watching Kenpachi Zaraki kill Kenpachi Kiganjo. When Maki Ichinose appeared before the two of them questioning why this sort of thing is happening to such a good man. Kaname just explained the cycle of things and then left as he couldn't stomach the fight much longer. Curio remained their until the fight ended with Kenpachi Kiganjo's death as he then left right after that back to his barracks. A year later in 1905, he was informed that Kaname Tousen became the new Captain of Squad 9. Not knowing of Kaname being a spy for Aizen he went out of find Kaname to congratulate him.

In the year 1934, Curio was resting in his barracks of Squad 3 when his father entered his room to inform him that they just received a new captain. Getting up in a hurry he rushed out to find out it was Sosuke Aizen's former Vice Captain Gin Ichimaru. Knowing he couldn't trust Gin Ichimaru he just kept silent while his father talked with the new captain then he went back to his room where he stayed for the rest of the night. Over the next 46 years Curio became the 8th seat of the squad and his Father Sojun Kamashi became the 7th seat after many years of training hard.

Aizen's Conspiracy Arc
Curio was wondering around the Squad 3 barracks since he was looking for Captain Ichimaru but couldn't find him since he wasn't in the barracks. So instead he associated with Izuru Kira the current Vice Captain of the time to get the ok to return to his families grounds for a month off to work on some special training with his father who had recenty signed for two months off for his own reasoning as well. His request was approved and he went off to train. 

After the his month was up Curio returned to the barracks for active duty once again when he got a report on disappearing Shinigami in Karakura Town. This shocked him as he later discovered the Squad 10 Captain Isshin Shiba went personally to investigate the disappearances.

It was sometime later in the year 1883 that news spread that the Captain of Squad 10 Isshin Shiba vanished from sight and couldn't be found and was pronounced dead. Curio was one of the first of his squad members besides his father to find this out. His father went to give the news to the other Squad members while Curio gathered his thoughts. A year later in 1984 Toshiro Hitsuguya was named Captain of Squad 10 to replace Isshin Shiba from the year before.

In 1993 Curio was sent with a batch of other Shinigami to gather the dead bodies of Quincy for Mayuri Kurotsuchi to disect. One of the Quincy were Soken Ishida as he helped another Shinigami carry Soken's body to the Squad 12 barracks.

Agent of the Shinigami Arc
The only Time Curio was seen during this arc was when he was accommodating Captain Ichimaru to a gathering of Shinigami in the Squad 8 barracks. Even though he didn't trust his captain he knew that he had to obey him since he was the superior officer at the time. It was later at the gathering he talked with Captain of Squad 8 Shunsui Kyoraku and Squad 13 Captain Jushiro Ukitake about his suspicions. Both listened and gave him a special assignment to keep an eye on Ichimaru since they had the same suspicions of Aizen at the time as well.

Soul Society Arc
Curio is later called to action as a batch of Ryoka break into the Sereitei. The last time he was seen during this arc was when he was recovering in the Squad 4 barracks after getting tossed aside by Ichigo Kurosaki along with other Shinigami. He remains in the Squad 4 barracks for the remainder of this arc. Sojun later appeared to inform Curio about Gin Ichimaru's defection and all he had to say was he told him so.

Bount Arc
Curio was present when the Bount invaded the Soul Society and was last seen fighting off some of the Bount's followers at the main gates. He really didn't make such a big appearance during this arc.

Fake Karakura Town Arc
After the war ended Curio and his father went to the fake Karakura town to help gather the injured and bring them to the Soul Society for further treatment. He rushed out of there in a quick hurry after Squad 12 Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi tried to kill him and many others still in there by bringing back the original Karakura town.

The New Captain Shūsuke Amagai Arc
Curio was present during Captain Amagai's entrance as the Squads new captain. However he was still very sketchy with Captains so he left for his families Home for a few days to collect his thoughts. Curio no longer made an appearance until it was revealed that Captain Amagai died fighting against Ichigo Kurosaki and the other captains with suicide. Not being surprised Curio just went back to sleep and returned to the squad 3 days later.

The Thousand-Year Blood War arc
Curio was present at Former Vice Captain Chōjirō Tadaoki Sasakibe's funeral service where he and the other Shinigami were told to prep for war against the Quincy. With his father and original captain Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi back as their leader, the three of them begin to plot on how the battle was to be played out by squad 3. Leaving everyone from below seat 6 basically behind meaning Curio and Sojun Kamashi were to remain behind at the barracks until after the battle. The two of them forced themselves to stay in the barracks however a Stern Ritter showed up at the barracks and began attacking the squad members.

Being the highest seated officers there the Kamashi family stood against the stern ritter with everything they had. Sojun was knocked unconscious from a rough blow to the neck leaving Curio alone to fight this monster. Activating his shikai he then used his flames to protect his father from any further attacks and turned his attention to the Stern Ritter before him. During the fight, the two of them destroyed most of the barracks leaving rubbled behind but as Curio was about to take a winning blow the Quincy vanished without a sight. Sealing his zanpakuto back he then ran and took his father to the Squad 4 barracks.

Once at the Squad 4 barracks Curio then heard the news of what happened to the Captain Commander which he then went to mourn the loss of the oldest captain. Returning to his father a few hours later he discovered that his father held back during that fight. It was revealed that his father Sojun Kamashi had mastered Bankai only a year before this event. Shocked by this he asked his father how he did it he then replied saying that he was going to teach it to Curio after a little more training with shikai. Later the next day the two of them were seen leaving the Squad 4 barracks and heading into the Rukongai as they heard the news that the Squad 8 Captain Shunsui Kyoraku was promoted to Captain of Squad 1 and Captain Commander as well. These two left about the same time that Captain of Squad 4 Retsu Unohana died training Kenpachi Zaraki.

Several months pass and Curio along with his father Sojun appear once again before their Captain who informs them that their vice captain Izuru Kira died during the first battle and that Sojun Kamashi was promoted to Vice captain of Squad 3. Within days after that the Quincy attacked once again and this time they killed Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi leaving Squad 3 in Sojun Kamashi's hands as he then aided other squads to defeat the Stern Ritter. After a full day of fighting Ichigo Kurosaki and Shunsui Kyoraku kill Juhabach with all of their strength causing the remaining Quincy to either die or retreat.

End of the 1,000 year War Arc
The year 2004 was a good year for the Shinigami since all of the Quincy vanished for possibly good this time around and everyone celebrated. During this time Sojun Kamashi was made Captain of Squad 3 and Curio was made his Vice Captain. Now after many decades the Kamashi Family had full control over Squad 3. Throughout the remainder of this arc he spent it training and helping other squads get back on their feet. It was during this time that he also mastered his Bankai with his father's teachings.

Years of Fear Arc
Curio appears getting a mission from the Captain Commander Shunsui Kyoraku in 2010 who has decided to send Curio on a solo mission to Vietnam to watch for Quincy activity. Before leaving he got a quick kido lesson from his father to make a quick escape in case of a ambush. After the teaching he left through the sennkaimon and onto Vietnam where he emerged over the southern end of the country. Wandering through the sky he then came onto a village of beings with strong spiritual pressure and he went in to investigate. Turned out they were a long forgotten race called Bounts and after spending a while with them Curio decided to help them gain peace with the Soul Society.

Shikai- Hanou no Tenshi
Bankai- Zanka no Angelo
Element- Fire


Shikai Appearance:

Shikai Abilities:


Bankai Appearance:

Bankai Abilities:

Other Abilities:


Zanjutsu Abilties:

Hoho Abilities:

Hakuda Abilities:

Hybrid Abilities:
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Curio Kamashi Character Sheet
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