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 Hellfire Arts.

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Hellfire Arts. Empty
PostSubject: Hellfire Arts.   Hellfire Arts. Icon_minitimeTue Jun 25, 2013 4:16 pm

Togabito Black Magic:
#1 Firebolt- A small bolt of fire that is shot from one's finger tip at the opponent.
#5 Shockwave- A simple shockwave that can be used to push one's enemy back with it's force.
#17 Needlecrack- Summoning an orb of energy to ones hand a series of four pale blue needles form and are shot at the target impaling them.
#21 Thunderlash- Creates what is essentially a whip made out of lightning that strikes at the opponent electricuting them.
#33 Energywave- A large, horizontally fired wave made of raw power that flies towards the enemy exploding on impact.
#38 Fire Fist- Engulfing one's arm with a blazing fire they can launch a powerful punch dispersing a blast of flames at their opponent.
#43 Torrent- This spell creates a torrent of water that rushes the target drowning them in its powerful current.
#47 Gale Force- Using this spell creates a large hurricane force gust of wind that can blow your enemies away.
#56 Earth Pillar- Summons up a massive spiked pillar that comes up and impales your opponent upon it's tip.
#59 Twin Cutter- A wind based spell that summons two extremely powerful gusts of wind that move with enough force to slice your opponents.
#63 Thunderbolt- Self explanatory, strikes your opponent with a powerful lightning bolt.
#64 Blizzard- Summons a torrent of hail stones and ice shards to tear your opponents apart.
#68 Bide #2- After used in conjuction with Bide #1, the stored up energy can be fired back at the intended target with the users additional power tagged onto it.
#73 Starbeam- Fires a massive beam of bluish purple energy of great power at the intended target.
#77 Hellfire #2- The second portion of Hellfire #1. Upon the target being trapped in the box the ground cracks from the center of the cube creating a small fissure and spiderwebs outwards towards the edges of the contained area. Once finished, the burning flames of hell scorch upwards and engulf the target trapped within.
#81 Blackstar- A more powerful version of Starbeam. It possesses the same attack strength as star beam but is instead a pitch black laser. It effects the gravity within it and the surrounding area on a lesser scale placing great pressure on the target as well as the force of the blast.
#89 Guilotine- A large guilotine comes up from the ground forged by the devil himself. Raising itself up above your target the blade comes screeching down to cleave them in two and destroy their existence.
#93 Starfall- A much more powerful version of the Starbeam. Instead of firing a single beam a small orb is fired off into the air. After a few moments seven beams of the same caliber of Starbeam come raining down from the sky annihilating what lies beneath them in the form of a hexagon with the seventh beam striking in the middle.
#99 Judgment #2- Once bound by the guardians of hell the gate to hell itself appears. It opens up and Death himself comes out from within the gate to judge the accused. He raises his massive scythe and smites the target destroying them in it's unholy retribution. (Can only be used in the World of the Living.)

Togabito White Magic:
#4 Energy Rope- A rope made of pure energy that wraps around the target binding them.
#5 Buckler- Creates a small, spherical shaped shield of energy that can defend against weak attacks.
#17 Triangle Bind- A three point binding magic that forms a black triangle pinning the target to whatever solid object is behind them.
#22 Escutcheon- A more powerful version of buckler essentially. A larger and more powerful spherical shaped shield that can defend against attacks.
#31 Iron Grip- As if a giant had it's grip on you. The spell places a strong bind on the target that keeps their limbs from moving as if being squeezed.
#37 Iron Wall- Creates an iron wall from the ground before the user to protect them from incoming attacks.
#45 Tower Shield- The most powerful form of the buckler, escutcheon line up. It creates an even larger shield, rectangular, that covers the individual from foot to face protecting them from attacks.
#46 Devils Arrows- Upon making the incantation a series of eight arrows are created and drive themselves into the targets abdomen. The arrows pin the target in place making them incapable of moving.
#51 Spiteful Binds- Chains come out of the ground binding themselves around the target. They tighten and drag the opponent down to the ground restraining them while doing so.
#54 Dark Command- Uttering words of darkness a binding incantation is placed upon ones opponent pressing their body inwards to lock upon itself.
#55 Steel Wall- A more powerful version of iron wall. Essentially more durable and can afford greater protection.
#68 Bide #1- A two part magic spell functioning with the same one of the black magic category. Using this spell first the user can take inflicted damage and store it up within their body using the spell.
#73 Inverted P.- An inverted pentagon that forms a diamond of sorts around the caster. It protects them from harm within it's shell.
#77 Hellfire #1- Used in conjuction with Hellfire #2. A large cubical box is created that encases and surrounds the intended target trapping them within it.
#80 Splitting Pin- Summoning up a large black bar it is thrown at the target and splits into two dozen of the same bars. These bars pierce the target, without causing damage, and pin them to a solid surface.
#86 Six Point Protection- A red hexagon forms in front of the user protecting them from a wide variety of attacks.
#91 Death's Grasp- Two large bony hands come up from the ground beneath the intended target and grab hold of them in their powerful grasp.
#99 Judgment #1- Used in conjunction with Judgment #2. Four guardians of hell themselves appear before the caster. The throw their chains on the target binding them with their powerful magic. (Can only be used in the World of the Living.)
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Hellfire Arts.
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