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 Bount Techniques

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Tenkai Bushinji
Head Roleplay Moderator
Tenkai Bushinji

Race : Vaizard
Class : Eagle Eye
Rank : Captain Commander
Reiatsu : 173000
Strength : 200
Stamina : 200
Speed : 220
Reiryoku : 180
Perception : 215
Reiryoku Speed : 200

Bount Techniques Empty
PostSubject: Bount Techniques   Bount Techniques Icon_minitimeMon Mar 07, 2016 3:12 am

Below are the techniques that one can learn as a Bount and utilize in combat. Due to their unique combat abilities they also have an art oriented towards joint combat with their Doll. Because of this fact they learn abilities at the combatant level due to not having a doll until that point.

Note: Upon acquiring their doll all bounts gain one level boost to their Shisentou abilities. Example given, from Novice to Practitioner, or from Practitioner to Combatant.




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Bount Techniques
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