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 The cogs keep turning

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Timari Jingai

Timari Jingai

PostSubject: The cogs keep turning   Fri Feb 05, 2016 4:59 pm

The Primera swept across the threshold of her palace, her castle and what was her pride and joy with no form of happiness showing on her stone-like features. The home of the Arrancar, once fabled and a place that spread fear through the sand of Hueco Mundo and beyond now lay in ruins around her, the site of which only made her determination for her plan to succeed all the more heartfelt. Someone before her had evidently tried to brighten the place up, even managing to fix up a wall or two, but her plans were a little more extravagant than that. Since her encounter with the small group of Hollow in the caverns her followers had grown in numbers quite considerably since with them finding others, and those others finding others and so on. Though her plan required a lot more troops than she currently had, they were enough to fix her soon-to-be home while continuing her recruitment plans.

Four months had passed since she found her first followers and she would never have thought her presence would cause such a ripple in the sands as they evidently had. It was a though her presence had rung a bell, calling out to every Hollow of every shape and form to come to her, to join her in recreating the reputation their race once stood proudly upon. Her plan had gone swimmingly, as far as complicatedly elaborate plans went anyway. Her followers had flocked from every corner of the sands, coming together as one in unity of their common purpose. While most focused on the rebuild of Las Noches, others were split into groups. Despite wanting to focus on one thing at a time in order to maintain a form of order, she had no doubt that other tasks were just as important, such as finding new followers that had yet to hear of her appearance, and maintaining their normal presence in the Human World.

Some debate had gone into the latter of the two, for though each member of her troup had to eat, she couldn't allow them to swarm in all at once to have a banquet in the local park of a city, so she surmised a far simpler plan. Groups of a dozen or so Hollow would travel at a time, normally every twenty four hours by the Human method of time. Once in the Human World, they would all work together, drawing a large crowd of people in once place to amass the numbers they required. Once gathered, each would open a Garganta below the mass of confused and frightened Humans, causing them to simply freefall directly into Hueco Mundo, where they ultimately became headless chickens, running here and there before meeting their timely end.


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The cogs keep turning
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