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 Captain's return

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Kamisama Shiro


Location : Dubai

PostSubject: Captain's return   Sun Jan 24, 2016 8:22 pm

The whole squad 2 looked confused, as Kami appeared in the middle of the courtyard out of nowhere. They didn't understand how he had appeared so suddenly, even before they could sense his reiatsu. The other reason was that he was wearing a captain's coat.

They all watched as he walked to the middle of the courtyard.
he wore a smirk on his face, the kind that you could practically see him foaming at the mouth. Lacking time he needed to quickly assemble a small but strong group. "Listen up quickly now. The rank of captain has been returned to me after many years. Most of you don't know me but that will change over time. Unfortunately our squad as been tasked with an important mission so I don't have time for introductions. I need the 3 highest ranking officers to step forward and come with me. Come ready to fight. The rest will be explained on the way."

Kami watched as the officers ranking three to six stepped forward. Kami exchanged quick nods with them. He informed them of their first location,the academy, before racing off to there himself.

SC 16
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Captain's return
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