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 The reawakening

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Kamisama Shiro

Kamisama Shiro

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The reawakening  Empty
PostSubject: The reawakening    The reawakening  Icon_minitimeSun Jan 17, 2016 7:56 am

Kami walks into the courtyard sluggishly rubbing his eyes and hold his chest. Confusion and tiredness smeared all over his face. As he looks around the majority of his squad is partnered up sparring with one another. Kami rolls his eyes thinking he couldn't have chosen a worse time to wake up from a coma. As he's standing there annoyed and in pain, one of the ranked shinigami approach and draws his zanpaktou. Kami's eyes scan the guy from head to toe. After a few seconds pause kami breaks into a laugh of hysteria. Using only his reiatsu kami drops the ranked officer to his knees. "I am not your ordinary foot soldier. Have you forgotten who I am whilst i slumbered?!?! No, bring on the lot of you so that I may remind you all. In my absence you lot have grown soft let me show you what your predecessors were capable of!" Kami then completely seals his reiatsu as everyone turns to him swords drawn. Kami runs towards the group, jumping on the initial guys head using it as a trampoline and causing his head to impact hard with the ground. While in midair looking down in shame at his squad Kami vanishes. Appearing behind an officer Kami whispers into his ear. "This is the speed squad 2 is known for,without the use of shunpo. Watch and learn." Kami kicks him into five other squad members, instantly disappearing infront of another one before punching him a hundred yards into the air. He waits a few seconds before extending his arms and catching the guy before he can fall to his death. When Kami looks up everyone is backing away. He hadn't realized that the three officers he took out were ranked six, five and four. Everyone was scared and curious as to who he was and how he defeated three of the top six without his zanpaktou or reiatsu. Kami just decided to walk back to his room to change and find out who was now in charge so he can bring his previous squad back to glory.

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The reawakening
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