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 Recruitment Event 2016

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Uchiro Kamashi
Admin & Facebook Moderator

Location : Michigan

PostSubject: Recruitment Event 2016   Sat Jan 16, 2016 3:32 am

As stated on the Youtube Video, that was made by me, we of Bleach Burning Worlds are offering a Role play recruitment event that will be going on til the Last day of February.

Now here are the Details:

Each race has the opportunity to gain a higher starting point that can be beneficial to your character and their well being. Now each race offers 5 different ones so here they are:

2- 60,000 Reiatsu starting points (Captain Class)

2- 30,000 Reiatsu starting points (Vice Captain/Lieutenant Class)

1- 20,000 Reiatsu starting points (Seated officer Class)

Now remember this is a first come first serve type of deal. If 2 people take up the deal on one race of the same class then that offer will not be available anymore. The list of classes available to start in will be listed to let people know what parts are taken and what ones are still there. That is all you can message me for more info if needed!! Smile


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Uchiro Kamashi
Admin & Facebook Moderator

Location : Michigan

PostSubject: Re: Recruitment Event 2016   Mon Jan 25, 2016 12:34 am

Quick update as to how the event is going!!!!

We have had new members/recruits so here it is what remains of the open things to accept.

All spots are taken. Try again next time, those that sign up for this race will now start at 5k.

2 Espada level of 60,000 (All Spots Taken)

2 Prime Fraccion Level of 30,000 (1 Left)

1 Menos grande Level of 20,000

2 Leader Class of 60,000 (1 Left)

2 Sub Leader Class of 30,000

1 Soldier Class of 20,000

2 Stern Ritter Class of 60,000

2 Quincy Guards Class of 60,000

1 Low Class Quincy of 20,000

2 Bount Master Class of 60,000

2 Bount Apprentice Class of 30,000

1 Average Bount Class of 20,000

2 Lords of Hell Class of 60,000

2 Sub Hellians Class of 30,000

1 Sinner of Hell Class of 20,000

Snag them up while you still can Smile

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Recruitment Event 2016
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