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Timari Jingai

Timari Jingai

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PostSubject: Announcements   Announcements Icon_minitimeThu Jun 05, 2014 8:17 pm

This thread shall be for important information everyone needs to know, regarding RP updates, changes etc.

First announcement:

Bleach Burning Worlds, now has a stat system, based on tiers which you work out how much your character has per stat, and depending on what tier it falls under, will tell you roughly what your character is able to do with each stat.
The "Character Stats" section has now been created so that each RPer may keep track of their stats each time their Reiatsu increases.

Please could all RPers create a thread in that section, showing all the information required, as it will allow all Mods, and other RPers to see your stats.

Announcements Arrancar_signature__nell_by_wolf123m-d3hcr4c

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