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 Devour and destroy.

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Devour and destroy. Empty
PostSubject: Devour and destroy.   Devour and destroy. Icon_minitimeMon Jun 02, 2014 5:47 am

Ruku would be within the menos forest, killing, collecting and fighting with many menos. He was determined to become an arrancar instead of a lowly hollow. He was getting closer and closer to reaching his transformation. It was inconclusive of how many menos and other hollow he had killed and devoured in the forest since there was to many to count. The forest would seem abandon from his kill streaks.  

    There would be a bead of sweat on the side of his head as he panted watching a menos slowly disintegrate into a black ash like matter. He would take his stance straight as he adjusted and closed his golden iris eyes to take a breather. "These menos and hollows aren't good enough to become stronger or mock from them... I wonder where there would be a hollow that has a similar strength as me?" Ruku asked himself. But he would sigh and walk at a slow pace else where into the forest to look for more powers to absorb. But instead he would take a break by perching up in a tree on the very top peek of it resting.

   About a few hours later his eyes would open from his short nap from hearing a screech of a hollow. He would look around and adjust his eyes up at a hawk like hollow that attempt to sloop down and grasp him. Ruku would quickly jump off the branch he was perched on and fly off the side of the tree watching the limbs of the tree shatter and slowly fall from the force of the hawks talons. His eyes would narrow as he glared up at the hawk that tried to strike at him. Once again the hawk swooped around and went to strike for him, only ending up for Ruku to dodge it and swipe his wing against the back of the hawk but nothing had happened. Ruku would smirk as his form started to change.

    Instead of his original appearance he would look just like the hawk that striked at him even sounded like it. Now the battle between the two was going to be more difficult for the hawk. Ruku would dart at the hawk with super speed and strike his mocked talons into the back of the hawk. The hawk would screech and beat its wings against Ruku, but he ignored the taps of the hawk and slammed it into the ground. "So is this what you wanted to try and do to me?" Ruku would grin down at the hawk. "Surprised I look like you and sound like you? Possibly have the same powers as you? Well don't worry." He would tear out his mocked talons from the hawks back and push it down onto the back of the hawks neck.

    While the hawk looked at him in fear with widen eyes and pleading for not to kill it Ruku would silence it by interrupting it. "You are going to die shortly anyways. thanks for your power when I eat you." He would then Hold his mocked hawk like beak over the head of the hawk and crush it's hollow bone masked like head and devouring its soul. Ruku's black with a red and yellow outline reiatsu spiritual pressure would start come off of him even stronger than before. He would raise his head up in the air fire a unique cero into the sky. The cero would then explode with a very loud screech that sounded like a cackle which could make trees turn and fly away into debris.

    Once that was over, Ruku would continue his walk through the meons forest and thinking about heading for the Human world to check it out for once or even Las noches. If he could at least devour a soul reaper or even a human possibly an arrancar at las noches, he would become an arrancar in no time. Ruku was nice, but he must do what he must do to become his desired arrancar form and to gain more abilities and powers of his own. Making up his mind, Ruku would start to head out of the menos forest and back into the waste land of hueco mundo. Heading toward his new destination... Las noches...
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Devour and destroy.
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