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 Heading for the Forest of Menos.

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PostSubject: Heading for the Forest of Menos.   Sat May 31, 2014 12:32 am

Ruku would soar slowly and gracefully inches above the white sand of the Hueco mundo desert. There was no hollow in sight yet to fight off or consume to try and become an Arrancar. Ruku at this point was getting frustrated with the emptiness of the abandon desert. "Why does the forest of menos have to be so damn far away!" He'd speak to himself in aggravation. "I suppose I will remain there and consume as many menos as possible to become the most powerful Arrancar to exist!" With his frustration he would beat his wings once downward roughly as he would fly at an insane speed. He wouldn't bother to glance around besides looking straight because he would know if there was any hollows due to sensing their spiritual pressure.

    The sand beneath his body would slightly make a drawn line in the center due to the power of his wings. Ruku would sigh out as he looked down at the constant sand that was left untouched wondering just how much their must be. It was uncountable or it may of have a word that doesn't even exits not millions, billions or trillions but something said strangely. He would turn his attention back straight forward as he was coming up a sandy hill or even mountain. He would fly up against the side of the sandy risen land and once he had reached the top in no time a forest of menos were just far down from the hill. "I could only imagine how far Las noches is..." As he said that a sweat drop would squeak and slide down the side of his forehead as his face expression was rather irritated.
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Heading for the Forest of Menos.
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