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 Beginning the preparations for a new state of power

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Sansuka Setsune
Tests and Ranks Moderator

Race : Shinigami
Class : Genius
Rank : Captain
Reiatsu : 121000
Strength : 72
Stamina : 84
Speed : 182
Reiryoku : 250
Perception : 182
Reiryoku Speed : 236

PostSubject: Beginning the preparations for a new state of power   Fri Oct 04, 2013 11:11 pm

Sansuka appeared from the air as a gust of wind followed suit. Appearing there, his body would be aching slightly but still manageable. Looking around, he found that his Squad was lounging about. Clearing his throat he would begin walking and shouting to everyone. "ATTENTION KYUUBANTAI! I AM CALLING A MEETING! REPORT TO THE HALL AT ONCE!" As he walked through the grounds yelling this command he would gaze at the members scurrying with great haste to the hall. It wasn't until he made sure every last member was awoken, and running to the hall that he himself would set foot in it. After reaching said hall, the congregation would cease to murmur as his body slid the door open. His first foot stepped in and everyone simply stared. He walked slowly to the center of the front where he could be seen by all. Clearing his throat once more he began to speak.

"As of now there will be great changes made. There has been enough mindless dawdling and we WILL ensure the safety of all of Seireitei. We, are the Kyuubantai. Our Job is to patrol the Seireitei and enforce the Laws of the Gotei Thirteen to the fullest. We are, Military Police. It's who we are, what we are assigned to do, and what we need to be doing now! As of this moment, we will begin our duties. We will work in shifts and patrol the outskirts of the wall. Each sector will be manned by a group of four individuals. At no time, will any of these individuals stay out of sight of any other in their group. Also, no team will reach out of ear shot of another team. If you find a hostile individual you are to report them to the  Central Alert Station or CAS. Everyone will receive a headset directly tied to the CAS network. Do not engage any hostilities unless OK'ed by the CAS. Every act of crime will be reported the moment you witness it, it will be logged and you will be given orders to handle the situation. Once this meeting is concluded you will report to the Quartermaster for your new gear. The CAS will be manned at all times working in shifts the same as the rest of us. I will also be integrated on patrols and CAS station work like the rest of you. When I'm not, I'll be monitoring the grid of activity and updating those on duty of any situations or personnel to be observed. We will be working closely with Bushinji-Taicho in the coming days. Now, Report to the Quartermaster to get your gear and assignments. Dismissed." He said as the group would salute and say Yes sir all in unison. That being done, they would shuffle outwards in to the world on their missions. Sansuka himself would walk in to the Captain's Office and begin his paperwork, as well as a formal notice to be flown out to all Captains with in the Seireitei.

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Beginning the preparations for a new state of power
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