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 The Living Ancestor

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Tenkai Bushinji
Head Roleplay Moderator

Race : Vaizard
Class : Eagle Eye
Rank : Captain Commander
Reiatsu : 173000
Strength : 200
Stamina : 200
Speed : 220
Reiryoku : 180
Perception : 215
Reiryoku Speed : 200

PostSubject: The Living Ancestor   Sat Jul 20, 2013 12:18 pm

Tenkai arrived in rukongai in short time. He didn't have a great deal of time though he knew he wouldn't need a lot. If he knew the man he was meeting like he thought he did, then he was watching everything that had happened. That being the case, he would be just as upset as him, and would be making an unscheduled appearance soon. Tenkai had chosen a particular spot in the rukongai, one that he knew they would both know. It was where he came when he was much younger, for training mostly, but also for some peace of mind. The large oak tree still stood tall in the center of the 'clearing' and was marked with the carvings of days long past. Placing his hand against the trunk of the tree, Tenkai ran his hand over the markings feeling the grooves. They vibrated through his being bringing back memories from so long ago. The manifestation of these memories appeared only moments later in flesh and blood. Turning to face the individual that had just entered the clearing, he gazed upon the person he had not seen in hundreds of years. "I knew you would come here after seeing what had happened. It's been too long, father." From out of the shadows emerged one of the most powerful shinigami in existence. One of the Members of Division Zero and Tenkai's Father, Tenryuu Bushinji. "And I knew you would come here as well. Without my usual observations even I could sense a disturbance through my body. How are you handling it?" Tenkai felt the strong urge to start pummeling his father for even asking that question. But he knew better then anyone that his father was just as perturbed as he was. Where Tenkai had lost a brother and son, his father had lost a son and grandson. Sighing, Tenkai opted to slamming his fist into the tree causing a large spiderweb crack to ripple out from where he had struck it shattering the bark. "How do you think I'm handling it." "As well as I would expect. Your still quite the hot headed one, just as I remember." "And what about you!?!? Does your blood not boil that they just murdered your own blood!?!?"

"Of course it does. But I have been alive far too long to let my emotions get the better of me. Letting your feelings control you does nothing but lead one to rash decisions. Knowing you, your already about to charge right in after them and try to kill whoever killed them." Tenkai turned to face his father and quickly rushed up to him with only a few feet between them. His breathing was heavy and his body burned with anger. He didn't know what to do with it and his fathers apathetic tone wasn't helping. "Your damn right I am! I'm gonna burn that whole damn place to the ground and slaughter every last quincy I lay my hands on. They don't deserve mercy, not from me at least." "Even though you've come so far your still the child I remember you to be. So quick to use force when you cannot solve a problem otherwise." Tenkai grabbed hold of his fathers haori and hoisted him in close. The two could practically touch one another's faces and their breath could be felt mingling. "What would you have me do. Hayashi and Tsunkai are dead, this isn't something that can be fixed with your fancy words father!!" Before Tenkai could even realize it he was several meters away from his father with his back slamming hard into the trunk of the tree. His chest hurt immensely and he could barely hold the air in his lungs. He had forgotten how strong his father was, and apparently he had gotten stronger. Even with all the power Tenkai had, he was still an oceans distance from reaching his father. "Calm yourself Tenkai, your clearly not thinking straight and you'll only get yourself killed as well!! The man that killed your brother and son is more powerful then you can handle. I won't let you go, I'm not going to lose another child...." Tenkai felt the need to yell once again but no words could come to him. He could feel the sorrow in his fathers words as the mans sadness seeped into his soul. Tenkai hadn't thought of what his own actions would do to the people he cared about.

If he got himself killed against this opponent then he would only be bringing more sadness onto the rest of his family. He was the only brother, father, and grandfather that the girls had left. If he got himself killed he didn't think they would be able to hold themselves together. They had lost too much already, they all had. Letting himself slide down the trunk of the tree he slumped to the ground below, his head hanging low hidden from view. All at once the anger faded away and his emotions burst forth. Tears streamed from his eyes as he sat in silence weeping for the lost souls of his family. "Father,.....we can't just let them go. I have to do something..." Without looking up he felt the presence of another beside him. His father had knelt down in front of him leaning on his knee. "Your right, you do have to do something, but not alone. I know this isn't just about Hayashi and Tsunkai, your harboring hatred from long ago, from three hundred years ago. You still mourn for your wife, Retsu, and will mourn her for the rest of your life I'm sure." His father stood up once again and turned around gazing into the sky above them. The soft white clouds rolled by slowly as a gentle breeze carried them through the air. Tenkai found himself looking up as well gazing at his father. "You are a strong man Tenkai, with a large heart. I know you hold the Vandenreich responsible for what happened to her. You forgave Kenpachi for what he had done knowing that what happened down there was no ones fault. It was what had to be done, there was no other way. You even forgave Shunsui knowing that he was the one who gave the order to issue their 'training'. You forgave the men who doomed your wife to death, but held on to your hate for the quincy. Because, they were the ones that made it all happen. Your a strong man Tenkai, stronger then I can ever be. This is why I cannot let you stand alone against this threat."

Tenkai stood up slowly and wiped the tears from his face on the sleeve of his haori. He had heard his fathers words clearly but was still startled by what he said. "Father, do you mean that your going to...?" "Yes, I am going to come with you in this battle, and this battle alone. By all rights I'm violating the statures of my position to even be here. But I could not let you march to your death. Your all I have left in this world, I won't lose you too." "Father..." "Now if I heard correctly they are in the seventy second district of south rukongai? We should head their immediately before they relocate. If they fear that their position had been compromised they might pick up and move. If they do then we'll have lost the only lead we have." "Yes, of course. Let's get moving!!" For the first time in over six hundred years the father son duo headed out to wreak havoc. The two were much more powerful then ever before though. They were also filled with an anger that could put even the flames of hell to shame. May god have mercy on those who would be the victims of their wrath.

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The Living Ancestor
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